29 May 2014

Taking Stock - Man Style

So, yesterday I 'took stock' of the month of May and whilst I was typing up the post I asked Joe to do the same. Here is May from Joes brain...

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{Image from Pinterest}

Making | a lot of new music.
Cooking | yummy shepherds pies. 
Drinking | hot chocolate... Right now!
Reading | a book by Chris Hadfield.
Wanting | a holiday.
Looking | around IKEA for ideas and cool things.
Playing | guitar.
Deciding | if it sounds worse with a compressor.
Wishing | we could own our own house one day.
Enjoying | Lucy's yummy cupcakes.
Waiting | for a record deal.
Liking | our new living room a whole lot!
Wondering | about the universe.
Loving | Lucy.
Hoping | this rain will stop.
Marveling | at satellites, stars and the ISS.
Needing | to stand on a beach.
Smelling | fake tan all over the bathroom.
Wearing | clothes I should really replace.
Following | lots of bands on SoundCloud.
Noticing | there is a massive snail in the garden.
Knowing | there are a lot of things I don't know.
Thinking | about our wedding.
Feeling | inspired is brilliant.
Opening | a new packet of biscuits.
Giggling | together.

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