14 May 2014

Sunshine moments.

I have started writing many posts in the past which touch on the subject of something I am very passionate about - mental health. I start writing and it becomes a long, drawn out explanation of why I feel so much passion towards the subject and I waffle on and on (and on... you get it!).

I decided that today I would share a few of the things I keep in my mind or do when I feel the blues. This little list are just the things that make me happy and there can be no harm in that can there!

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1. When you leave work after 'one of those days' try to leave all thoughts of work behind you. I am a big list maker so I find it helpful to write lists, leave post-it notes and reminders in my diary, that way you lose the anxiety of '...will I remember to do that tomorrow?'. Sometimes you just have to remind yourself that no good work is done when your mind is overloaded so take time for yourself and de-clutter a little!

2. With the above in mind - do something that makes you happy. For me it could be any of the following: buy a magazine on the way home and lose myself in the articles or pictures with a lovely cuppa / have a mini pamper session / get out in the fresh air / exercise - now, I am a big advocate for this. If you are not on top of your game get to the gym, go for a swim, do a yoga DVD or walk the dog, anything to get the body moving - exercise is honestly the best antidepressant available! 

3. Sleep. Have a routine and make the hour before bed a bit more chilled out. I am not always able to do this but when I do it really helps. For me, reading plays a good part in helping me to relax before sleep - as much as I love social media and my iPhone - sometimes you just have to cut the apron strings you know?!

4. Stay 'switched on'. I recently listened to an awesome audio-book called 'The Power of Now' where it talks about everyone being so stressed that they live in their past situations or worry so much about the future that they miss the now. I don't mean to sound all hippy-dippy here but when I listened to this I thought 'yep, that's me!'. I think that is a whole lot of us really. Let's be realistic, it is not like we can all suddenly go 'oh, ok, I won't worry anymore...' but I guess what the book is saying is to just notice things when they happen. How many times are you at home with your other half at the weekend and are both sat staring at your phones instead of having a silly conversation about 'whatever' or sitting alone outside and flicking through the internet for new shoes rather than taking time to observe what is going on around you; the sounds, smells and movements of life. Sounds daft but try it.

5. My mum once said to me 'nothing's permanent' and that has stuck with me. Even in the hardest of times something will change. 

6. Stay positive. Put on happy music, upbeat films and pick yourself up. A positive action can trick your mind into feeling happier and it is only up from there. 

7. Talk it through. This. Is. Vital. (Please do this!).

Sorry if this was a bit 'heavy' but it is only my opinion and, as we know, I am not a professional but I have had struggles and I know a few people who are also struggling so, this is for you xoxo


  1. Great post! Number 4 is so important.

    1. Thanks lovely. It's kind of hard to write posts like this (in my opinion) as it is so in context to your own life and circumstances. That 'Power of Now' (no:4) thing really made me think! It made a big difference to me anyway :-)


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