18 May 2014

Sunday Snaps!

I figure it is just as well I only post Sunday Snaps every two weeks because time flies so fast that, even though it has already been two weeks, I feel like it is only days since I posted the last one - know what I mean? (Am I making any sense?!). The last couple of weeks, as you would have seen from Fridays post (if you visit regularly of course), have been full on, so I haven't really taken that many photos, but here are some of the ones I did take!

 photo From-Lucy-With-Love-18th-May_zpsa6daaa43.png
1. This is our Eurovision family portrait - Gizmo was glued to all the bright, flashing lights and fancy colours bless her little socks! / 2. One of the many things I love about living in Wiltshire are the mahoosive skies. It is quite hypnotising to watch the clouds move across them like this. / 3. Training has been hard the last couple of weeks but I am pushing on and feeling good for it but just feeling so sleepy too...it is difficult when your life is busy but I am trying to stay as motivated as possible. / 4. These happened yesterday. / 5. I can't remember why this picture was taken, I think it is amusing though! / 6. I love this one of Gizmo because I think she looks like Yoda! / 7. This is certainly not her best angle but it is a good otter impression I think! / 8. This little bean is growing up so fast. When you only see them every couple of weeks you notice how they are becoming their own little characters. Lois, she will be at school before you know it! / 9. This little bean is grown up already, and enjoying some Wagamama's noodles! <3


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