27 May 2014

Sunday in Salisbury - Plus a vlog too!

I love weekends, and Bank Holiday weekends are even more enjoyable (I wonder why?!).

We had zero plans this Sunday but when we woke up to the sun peeping through our bedroom curtains we decided to get up, head into Salisbury and enjoy the weather (while it lasted). We knew there was a International Food Market happening in the Guildhall Square so decided to get parked up early to avoid total mayhem. Wandering into the square so early was a delight, there were hardly any people about at that time so we got to take in the market without being elbowed about. 

It was hard to resist the smell of freshly cooked bread, cakes and various other international delights but we managed to not give in to the temptation (until lunch anyway!). I adore markets and this one was made all the better due to the Dutch Flower Stall. Flowers and plants just make me happy and this stall was full to the brim with reasonably priced blooms. Amazingly, despite re-visiting it more that a couple of times, I didn't buy anything, mostly because I am attempting to bring on some young plants at home and figure I would have my work cut out for me if I tried to 'mother' more!

 photo fromlucywithlove-market_zpsc947ac64.png
 photo fromlucywithlove-salisbury_zps589e112f.png

As it turned out the Bank Holiday weekend was also Salisbury Arts Festival so we ran into a couple of really amazing street performances. I have a real passion for contemporary dance and the piece we saw performed by two male dancers was beautiful and touching in so many ways (I inserted a clip in our vlog below). There was a whole programme of events going on throughout the day, including drama, dance and music, which I think is fantastic as it was totally free and created such an lively and exciting atmosphere in town. Seeing people of all ages enjoying things that they may not otherwise interact with is something that makes me very happy... mix in the mouthwatering aromas of the food market and it was heaven!

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