7 May 2014

Quick and Easy Summer Fruit Frozen Yoghurt

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I am one of these people who always wants pudding. Heaven knows where this routine has come from, it certainly wasn't childhood, in fact it is still a joke in my parents house that when I say 'what's for pudding?' mum says 'fruit or yoghurt' because that's what she would say to me as a child... I wasn't that hard done by though, no no, some days there was angel-delight!

I think it was mums passion for good old Jamie Oliver that brought this quick and easy (not to mention healthy) pudding idea to my door. It doesn't require a recipe post because it is that easy! All you need is a food mixer, some frozen berries, honey and some natural Greek yoghurt.

Add the yoghurt, honey (as much as you need to sweeten to your taste) and a small bowl of defrosted berries to your mixer and give it a blitz (that's a technical term). Pour into a Tupperware container and freeze until the middle is firm; a good estimate is 4 to 5 hours but it depends how much you have made of course.

This is not the sort of thing that you can keep in the freezer for days so just make enough for your serving. But it is so delicious and very light and refreshing (plus it fools your body into thinking you have had a sweet treat!).
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I am looking forward to trying this recipe with different fruits and think it would make a lovely summer-night treat.

What are your healthy options for pudding? I would love to hear them, as long as they aren't fruit and yoghurt (other than the more interesting version above!).


  1. Ooooh this looks so good!

    1. It is SO good! Sort of tricks your body into thinking you are having ice-cream! Works for me anyway :-)


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