16 May 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #46

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This week has been one of those weeks where it is so busy that you can't separate the days in your head, everything merges into one big lump. I have been somewhat absent from social media this week because I have been working all day, then training as soon as I get home, showering, eating food then scheduling posts for the week... all in all a very hectic existence this week! Not that I am complaining because I am not very good at sitting still! I was so exhausted last night that I got through the front door, downed tools and fell asleep on the sofa, leaving myself just half an hour to get my backside to the gym to meet L for training...

Other than crazy times, here is what else has been going on this week!

I have been LOVING:
  • The sun coming through the curtains at 5am. A big help for me.
  • Finishing Breaking Bad! I know we are a bit late to the party but we are done and it was great. I miss it! Would it be wrong to start over from the beginning after just finishing it? Probably.
  • Rediscovering 'Friends'. After writing last weeks 'LNM' and quoting the '...it tastes like feet!' line I dug out the box set Joe brought me and we have temporarily replaced our Breaking Bad viewing with this timeless series instead. I absolutely love Friends and specifically can't wait to get to hear Ross yelling 'PIVOT!' again!
  • Building IKEA furniture. Our sideboard got delivered on Wednesday and we have built it! Hurrah! Our lounge now has less of an echo and more of a cosy feel. I filmed an IKEA haul and vlogged some of what we have been up to so I will get that up in the next week or so once everything is finished.
  • Cloud shadows. I was driving to the gym last night and to get across from where we live towards the centre of town there is a stunning long road that cuts across fields and farm land. The land is so open and the sky is huge and I was captivated by the big shadows moving across the land from the clouds. It is amazing if you get to see it, it gives everything a rather beautiful blue-tinge too.
I have been NEEDING:
  • Sleep. If you read my opening paragraph you will know why - so very tired this week!
  • Ramen. I have never tried ramen but having been a dedicated viewer of 'Essie Button Vlogs' channel on YouTube, where Estee and her boyfriend Aslan are on a mission to try lots of ramen dishes, I have built up the appetite to try some! The nearest possible place for us to get our hands on some is at Wagamama's in town so I think we are heading there tomorrow afternoon (plus they do some yummy coconut ice cream too - just saying!).
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • I think I summed this up in the beginning. It has just been one of those weeks! Crazy diary, phone ringing constantly, horrible drivers, eating lunch at 4pm... It makes me feel like hibernating at home this weekend and being all safe and cosy here with the things and person I love.
I hope you guys have had a good week and have plans for this weekend... let me know what you have been up to! Follow me on Twitter or Facebook to have a chat!


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