9 May 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #45

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This week I have been LOVING:
  • Pigeon watching! No, I haven't turned all 'bird watcher' on you don't worry! When I am at my mum and dads I sit blogging at the kitchen table watching all the little birdies pecking away at the feeders in the garden. It is really relaxing to watch and I just adore the robins that visit. But then a huge shadow appears and something very close to the size of a chicken comes in for landing... they are crafty little buggers! They hang off the feeders like circus performers, frantically waving their wings around whilst they head-butt the plastic shell trying to send peanuts flying all over the shop! Quite amusing really!
  • Bank Holiday Mondays! There's another soon! Hurrah! I could get used to these lovely little four days weeks!
  • 'Project Lounge' (home improvement plans). Having lived in our house for a while it suddenly dawned on me that we really should make it more homely so we have embarked on 'Project Lounge'. I figured that attacking one room at a time is more realistic and the results will be more apparent than buying lots of little things for various rooms and not really noticing them. We are off to Ikea on Saturday - get ready for before and after picks coming as soon as the side board gets delivered the week after next!
  • Protein shakes that don't taste like feet (anyone get the 'Friends' reference?). I won't get in to why I supplement with protein on here but the one I had previously was beyond disgusting. I would make it with as little water as humanly possible and drink it like a shot of vodka (also disgusting!). This new one is much yummier, hardly a creamy milkshake, but better!
  • (Don't judge me!) Having watched the Gary Barlow interview/programme on Monday I reunited myself with my Take That Greatest Hits album and drove to work reminiscing on Tuesday morning! 
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • A big Boots shop. About every three months I run out of all the important things in my make up bag and bathroom drawers: cleanser, moisturiser, foundation, serum... this leads to one heart rate increasing moment in Boots. I have to go soon - can't put it off any more!
  • Speaking of the above I am so desperate to get my hands on one of the gorgeous grey-blue nail polishes I keep seeing around. There is the Essie one called 'Truth or Flare', from their adorable new spring collection and 'Moonlight' from Liz Earle. I think this unusual shade is very chic and wearable and cannot wait to get it on my nails!
  • A 'date night'. Please (x).
  • To download the new Blog-Life e-course from the lovely ladies at 'A Beautiful Mess'. They have written some fab e-courses, I have done two now; 'Blog Design' and 'Blog Love' - they are super inspirational and I cannot recommend them enough for anyone starting out or experienced bloggers, these guys make sense!
This weeks 'MEH!'
  • Random phone behavior. My phone decided to turn itself off this morning and flat out refused to turn on again. I had to do that iPhone thing where you hold both buttons down to give it the technical version of the kiss of life. Stupid thing. It is new for heavens sake. It has one more chance. One more.


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