2 May 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #44

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This week I have been LOVING:
  • Fruit loaf. Although I feel this needs no explaining, just because it's so ruddy yummy, I will just say that I seem to have developed a bit of an obsession with this carby treat (oh dear) - I am trying to forget it exists from Monday to Friday but can have zero responsibility for what happens on Saturdays, Sundays and very occasionally Fridays (because it's the weekend then too right?).
  • Moody weather. Yep, you read it right, it is under 'Loving'. This weeks weather has been pretty warm but with heavy grey clouds and, call me strange, but I love it. It reminds me of the summer when it all gets a bit much and you pray for rain just to taste oxygen again.
  • Coral nails. This week I have been sporting particularly bright coral-orange nails and I love them! Thanks to my Sally Hanson Mega Shine top coat they have hung around all week long, go nails!
  • A new lawnmower - thanks mum and dad! Boring I know but when you have as many dandelions poking their heads up as we do you need to keep that mower running!
  • Baking. I was in Sainsbury's after work yesterday picking up a few bits and bobs and had the sudden urge to bake some sweet treats for our bank holiday weekend. Not being very good at knowing or remembering what goes into a basic cupcake I frantically googled a recipe and picked up everything I needed. See the 'Meh' section to find out the next hurdle I hit!
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • A blog tidy. For a couple of months I have been wanting to switch a few things up on my blog as I have ideas for new posts and features but also just want to give everything a bit of a spring clean. I am not talking a total overhaul in design but, you know, just a couple of new things! 
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • Continuing on my baking story then...so I get home, do my usual routine of training, showering, cooking dinner and finally, at 9pm, decide I am going to get the sponge part of my cup cakes done and then ice the next day. I hunt everywhere in the kitchen for the scales to weigh everything out...no luck. I can picture what they look like but can't find them. So now it's 9.30pm and I still haven't started cooking... I then decide to guess the weight using intuition and a cup. Now I realise those 'master chefs' among you will be thinking 'you should have just....' but remember I am no expert. Anyhoo, I guessed the weights by holding things and waving them up and down to see if the weight of self-raising flour and caster sugar felt the same and then mixed it all up, popped it in the oven half expecting nothing to happen but, by some twist of luck, it worked! (Yes, I tasted one to 'check'). When Joe gets home I ask him where the scales are and he informs me we don't have any...oops.

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