21 May 2014

Love Happens

Cheesy post alert... (only scroll down if you can handle it people!)

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When you find your 'person' it is not always the things you expect that make you love them more than anything else in the world. The things you do for each other, routines that become solely 'yours' or the things that make your partner happy (and seeing that on their face) are what cement you together. 

When you are slapped in the face with full on love for another person it can be all consuming, overwhelming and damn right wonderful (and so it should be!). 

Have you ever compiled a list, mentally or otherwise (with the aesthetics to one side) about why you love who you love? Here's mine (or some of it at least)...

- Joes favourite films are the cutest! (Bedknobs and Broomsticks is one...there are often random 'bobbing along, bobbing along, on the bottom of the beautiful briny seeeeeeaaaa! sing-songs!)

- I find my mini post-it notes (stolen) from my desk in random places with lovely little notes on (therefore I don't mind the stealing so much). Most recently I found one in my work diary, it made me smile so much.

- Watching him play guitar fills me with so much joy. He is incredibly talented and so passionate about his music and I am always so in awe watching him play.

- Joe notices everything. If I try something new with my hair, my make up or cook something differently he always says something nice. When times are as busy as they are right now a quick 'hey, your make up looks nice today...' goes an incredibly long way. I love him for that.

- Tea is never far away. When we spend a few nights apart in the week and I say that I am feeling a bit tired or whatever  I get sweet texts promising me a cup of tea and chat when I get back.

- Sharing geeky moments. Standing outside together, excitedly awaiting a bright light moving across the sky (space-station watching) and getting into deep conversations about the universe, the 'whys' and the 'what ifs'.

- Joe is the most gentle, kind person I have met. He honestly would never hurt a fly. He is so honest and thoughtful and has so many qualities that I wish I was better at (he definitely brings out the best in me).

- Holding hands has always been our thing. Since we have been together we have held hands... always. When we sit on the sofa, walking through town and when we fall asleep. Sometimes I wake up in the night and we are still  holding hands - I love that so much.

- Joes Christmas enthusiasm is utterly contagious! A request to watch Muppet Christmas Carol has already been made. Come December 1st our tree will be up, Christmas songs will be playing and we will be in full Christmas mode.

There are honestly so many more things I could say and the list is truly endless but, you know, I don't want to embarrass him too much do I?


  1. Just reading back through some posts, hence the late comment! This is a really lovely one x

    1. Ah thank you Claire :-)
      Can't beat a bit of cheese in a post - in my opinion! xx


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