19 May 2014

Favourite YouTubers from last week.

Firstly, sorry if you are here expecting my regular Monday YouTube post and video. I had one all filmed but when I came to edit it yesterday it was not right, it didn't cut the mustard...it just wasn't very good. After throwing a tantrum in my head about it I had to admit defeat and accept it wasn't going to happen. It was just one of those days (again)!
Anyway, I thought I would post some of my favourite videos from last week from some of my favourite YouTubers just to quench the thirst of YouTube for today and I promise (hand firmly on my heart) that I will do better next time. Tiredness has had a huge effect this past week...give me a few extra hours kiperoo and I will be back with ya!

I have to feature Estee and Aslan right at the top of my favourites. I am pretty sure most of you will have heard of the lovely Essie Button but if you haven't you should check her out. She was one of the first YouTube Channels I watched and I adore her (too much really!). If you want your day brightened up and want to think '...oh, it's not just me then!' Estee is the girl for you. Her blog is lovely and packed with beauty reviews, tutorials and recipes, as is her beauty YouTube Channel but I am head over heels in love with her vlogs (done with boyfriend Aslan) - Joe watches them too. Actually, it is kind of a routine of ours to pour a cup of tea and sit back to watch one of their vlogs. They are intelligent, witty and such a sweet couple...then there is their gorgeous hound Reggie...

One of my other favourites to watch is Kate from Gh0stparties. I watch her YouTube Channel more than I log on to her blog, for no reason other than time to look and read (her blog is great by the way!). I enjoy her dry sense of humour, the way she chats on about various things and then apologies for not making sense (even though she absolutly does, every time) - I also enjoy her accent, Scottish and her beautiful cat calle Mouse (her Instagram is great for catching up with Mouse and also full of beautiful, inspirational pictures from her day). My favourite video, other then pretty much all of her beauty ones, was a vlog done fairly recently, with her boyfriend - I laughed out loud several times during that, it really appealled to me!
Lastly, one beauty blogger I always check in on is Anna from Vivianna Does Make Up. I really enjoy her vlogs and any of her beauty videos, mostly because they are normal! She tells it as it is, edits beautifully and also puts together some really gorgeous style videos too (my favourite one is below). I adore her sense of style and lust after the majority of her wardrobe...
Who rocks your blogging or YouTube world? Let me know in the comments below - always good to get some recommendations!

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