6 May 2014

Another May Bank Holiday...

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'L' is for 'Long Weekend' - yay to another Bank Holiday in May! Gotta love this time of year. I thought I would share a few of the snaps taken over the last few days to show you what we got up to (nothing glam or overly exciting actually, but, you know, that's life huh?!).

The day started with a workout...before 9am. I will tell you something, it feels good to get that out the way early and have the rest of the day stretched out before you without interruption. I arrived home to an empty house, gasping for a cuppa and some breakfast but even more in need of peeling post-cardio gym kit off and throwing it on a 'get the sweat out of my clothes quick' wash.

My plan for the rest of the day involved handing back a lawn mower to my best friends other-half (a couple of coffees and biscuits were also involved - well, you have gotta have a chin-wag haven't you?!), cleaning windows, mowing the lawn (new mower trial - it was good!), washing, cleaning and tidying - told you my life was rock n roll! (There was a personal reward scheme in place for the end of all the jobs though... I made cupcakes on Friday night... they were just waiting for me to burn of housework calories!).

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For the first time in absolute ages we actually got to lay in; no gym alarm waking us rudely, no shopping to get - nothing to do but catch up on sleep and potter about. We took a drive to the garden centre in Wilton which leads you through beautiful fields and past some really cute houses (one day!). The views are outstanding so we always enjoy this journey. We went there in search of some cheap plants to replace some of the daffodils that have sadly died away and to get a broom - our garden is a mess of old leaves and fallen pink blossom!

For me garden centres are one of the most relaxing environments around. I adore strolling about there, looking at all the colours and taking in the smells from the rows and rows of gorgeous plants and flowers, there also happens to be the most yummy cakes and treats on offer in the cafe there too, although we resisted the urge this weekend - pat on the back to Joe and I for that triumph! 

We drove home happy with our loot of sweet peas, broom, slate heart (I have wanted it for SO long) and some other pretty plants that I can't remember the name of!

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A dedicated 8am workout started the Bank Holiday Monday with a half awake bang for me and my gym buddy Lois (we are so dedicated!). Just as I was stretching on the mats thinking about breakfast I get a lovely text from Joe saying 'marmite on toast or toasted fruit loaf for breakie?' - we are so on the same wave-length! Spurred on by the thought of a shower, a cuppa and something toasted (fruit loaf obviously) I got home pronto!

The rest of the day was spent making some little alterations to my blog, Joe attacking the rotten HTML code that destroys my brain and me tackling the design for a new section. All of this was done ever so professionally on the coffee table in the lounge with 'Horton Hears A Who' on in the background, which is one of our favourite films!

All this, and a stack of ironing done (plus a Gizmo cuddle) we made a prawn curry and settled down to some Breaking Bad to wind up the long weekend... not too bad huh? 

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How was your weekend? Good I hope!

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