11 May 2014

A little fitness update...

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I wanted to take a moment to give a virtual 'high-five' to the personal trainer who I've never met (and I am pretty sure I never will) who has given me my fitness mojo back again after a difficult, injury riddled time and an operation that meant I couldn't train for a long time.

Let's back track for just a moment...

Before my collarbone operation, before the pain got more than I could cope with (and believe me I pushed through a lot of it), I was training regularly at the ever-so amazing training centre that is 'Box Bell Fit' (BBF). Based in Berkshire, Box Bell Fit offers a fun and varied timetable of Boxercise, Kettlebell and Circuit classes, among other things, that challenge any ability and fitness goal. The centre, located on a cute little farm near Wokingham, is run by the annoyingly fit and seemingly indestructible Anna and her trusty side kick Helen, the more strict and 'shouty' member of the crew (there are worse descriptions!). When I trained at BBF my fitness level soared, fast. But sadly, due to the ever dwindling collarbone problem plus our move to Wiltshire, it all came to an abrupt halt. (I will be back though training buddies, soon I hope!).

Fast forward to my January op and my surgeon saying (with his serious face) 'no high-impact training or heavy lifting for six months...and NO BOXING!' and I am left feeling unfit, fat and desperate to do something active...immediately! So, a little earlier than agreed with 'the man in charge' I head back to the gym, feeling sore and despondent and missing my BBF friends immensely.

Then, as if by a twist of fate, I chance upon an Instagram account by Australian Personal Trainer Kayla Itsines. She has an educated, inspirational, no-nonsense approach which I took to straight away! Via her Instagram she gives realistic and achievable advice but most importantly she focuses on good health and an all round success, not something purely based on aesthetics. 

Kayla has designed a downloadable 12 week programme called ' The Bikini Body Programme' (not a name that I'm passionate about but the results speak for themselves) and through the workouts, which happen to be very similar to BBF exercises, she makes you wish you could curl up in a sweaty ball and sleep - that's a good thing in my book! The plan can be done at home or in the gym and is varied, fun and hard! You get nothing without effort! I have gained so much of my upper body strength back post op and am gradually seeing physical results, but the majority of my results have not been physical. My mental motivation is back to 'fully charged' which is the most important thing to me. I have more energy, I feel stronger and more capable in all aspects of my life. That is worth everything and this is why exercise is so vital! 

For more information on Box Bell Fit check out their site HERE and for Kayla Itsine's site click HERE.


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