4 May 2014

Sunday Snaps!

 photo From-Lucy-With-Love-4th-May_zps3b7d7018.png
1. Still training! This is a 1 minute rest between circuits selfie! I am more exhausted then I look! / 2. I love these little wild flowers, they are everywhere at the moment and they really cheer up my day - beautiful. / 3. These summer berries have been transformed into a yummy (& very fast to make) pudding to trick my body - blog post coming soon on that. / 4. This is literally the view we have all around at the moment, isn't it amazing? It's like a Rothko painting out there! / 5. I made these!! Then they were gone. Oops. / 6. Home from a full on cardio session to a slice of fruit loaf, some blog time and some creatine - not in that order. / 7. I was being stared at by my tripod because I hadn't put up my weekly YouTube video - it was making me feel guilty... so I recorded one! / 8. 'I love my scruff-scruff so much it makes me look like this...' / 9. Attempt one at a fishtail braid - a bit messy but I can't see behind me!

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