29 April 2014

The Everyday Mundane...

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I love social media, truly I do, but being a blogger and having my phone surgically attached to my hand most of the time comes with its downsides. I mean, do you ever find yourself admiring someone's holiday photos or weekend status on Facebook and think 'wow, that sounds exciting'. I used to think like that years ago but these days I am more than content with my little lot (happy as Larry himself in fact). I still like reading about what everyone's doing and checking out photographs from days out (one of my favourite pastimes!) but there is a great deal to be said for the silent moments, the everyday, the mundane. I think that sometimes we can just miss it. These lovely, ever-so-precious moments can just cruise on by unnoticed and then they are gone forever.

This post is about celebrating those moments, the 'real life' moments, the things that get left off Facebook. Why do I want to write a post about them? Because they are beautiful. They are what builds bonds and strengthen relationships because no one ever gets to know they happen, what makes you you, or makes us us.

My Everyday Mundane...

- Harry Potter Saturdays: Joe and I love HP and are often found snuggled up on the sofa gripped to the gangs next adventure. When it comes on TV we always watch it, despite having them all on DVD - they are always better on TV, heaven knows why!

- Quiet Time: Living where we live now means that I have an hours drive home from work to beautiful Wiltshire and, it has to be said, I quite enjoy it. I use it to think through my day and unwind my thoughts. I am always first home so use that precious empty-house time to down tools, make a hot cup of tea and take it upstairs. If the weathers nice I open the bedroom window and sit on the bed drinking my tea, observing all the movement happening outside; the birds jumping about from fence to fence, the various cats holding their territory strong just in case and the sound of the distant road. I love these moments.

- Bookshop Hour: Cancel that...in a good bookshop you could lose me for many hours! I am not really a shopping  kind of girl but where I can spend time (other than in Boots) is a good bookshop. Sometimes when we are in town we wander into Waterstones (Joe upstairs to the 'Space' section - me hot on his heels after the 'What's New' fiction shelf). It is peaceful and relaxing to take time reading books, looking for inspiration amongst their pages and exploring what new 'bits and bobs' they have in (notepads, seed pots and pretty ribbons last time we were there!).

- Rainy Day Netflix Marathons: Sometimes the weather dictates that there is nothing better to do then stay home and put on Netflix. Our current favourite is Breaking Bad (no spoilers people!) but it would be wrong not to mention the amount of times we have dozed off to the comfort of Mary Poppins or some other childhood favourite (let alone the amount of 'Gavin & Stacey' episodes we watch!).

- Cooking an Evening Meal: I'm not at home every night in the week so Joe and I make a big effort to cook meals together at the weekend or just when we get some time together. Do you guys do this too? I think it is so nice to do these things as a couple, help each other out and enjoy it rather than see it as a chore.

- Spotify Nights: When we are super bored; nothing on TV, Netflix is not doing it for us, we dragout Spotify for entertainment, taking it in turns to line up a favourite song. This starts off well and usually deteriorates to 90's cheese or terrible one hit wonders, more specifically Chesney Hawks (usually Joe) and Whigfield (me - including a half remembered 'Saturday Night' dance routine, much to Joe's amusement!).

...and when all else fails: Tea and fridge chocolate. This needs no explaining!


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