14 April 2014

Quick and Easy Thai Chicken Soup

I really do try my best to keep healthy (the occasional splurge should be forgiven!) but the one meal I am just terrible at, usually due to lack of time, is lunch. When it comes to preparing food, specifically something healthy for work, I am not overly creative and so I embarked on a mission to find a recipe that was full of taste and, most importantly, quick and easy to make and batch up.

This recipe is one I recently looked at in a health and fitness magazine and scribbled down in a notebook, unfortunately I have no idea which magazine that was so I apologise. However, it is rather yummy! Having made it and tasted it the only thing I would perhaps add next time is some very finely chopped red chilli's but believe me when I say I am no expert!

 photo fromlucywithlove-ingredients-thai-chicken-soup_zps57ff59e9.png
- 1 medium onion
- 1 garlic clove, crushed
- 1 pinch of cumin
- 1 lemongrass stick, crushed
- 1 tbsp olive oil
- 1 small handful of French beans, chopped
- 1 carrot, chopped into matchsticks
- 2 tbsp Marigold stock powder, dissolved in 2 cups of hot water
- 1 small chicken breast
- 1/2 tin of coconut milk
- 1 small bunch of coriander leaves, optional

How to make:
1. Shred the chicken into small, random pieces and cook in a very small amount of oil. Place to one side.

 photo fromlucywithlove-chicken-thai-chicken-soup_zps1feeb844.png

2. Cook the onion, garlic, cumin and lemongrass in a pan with the oil until the onions are transparent. It may be worth noting here, for those of you that are like me and have no idea what a 'crushed' bit of lemongrass looks like, that I watched a short clip that said for soups you should use a rolling pin to gentle 'smash' the stick of lemongrass, cook as described and then take out the stick at the end so all the flavor is left in the soup but not the actual stick! (Hope that helps!)

 photo fromlucywithlove-onions-garlic-thai-chicken-soup_zps5d9df5d5.png

3. Add the beans and carrots and stir fry for a few minutes.

4. Add half the stock and allow to simmer for 2-3 minutes.

 photo fromlucywithlove-carrot-stock-thai-chicken-soup_zps7fdac1e8.png

5. Add the chicken, then simmer for a further 5-6 minutes.

6. Finally, add the coconut milk. I would then suggest tasting it and deciding whether you want to add more of the remaining stock or not. 

Optional extra: Add some fresh coriander leaves to the top of your bowl!

 photo fromlucywithlove-coconut-milk-thai-chicken-soup_zps4a581b2c.png
If you try this send me a Tweet and let me know how it goes, also, if you add the red chilli let me know what you think! I will be trying that on my next batch! Enjoy!



  1. I'd add chilli - lots of it! Looks very tasty, so adding to my pending recipe file.

    1. I thought that I would go 'by the book' but when I tasted it I thought...hmm, needs chilli!! Let me know when you make it! xx


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