15 April 2014

New YouTube Video! Evening Make Up Look!

 photo fromlucywithlove-smokey-eye_zps679656c5.png

If you going out in the evening then nothing quite beats a soft smokey eye make up to bring out your eyes and add something a little dramatic to your face/outfit! This one is so quick and very simple, just be prepared to blend, blend, blend!

I have tried to create a flawless, matte base and the products I have used I can testify do actually stay put, on my skin at least. I find, when putting together a heavier eye make up, that lighter layers have a little more longevity then just applying a thicker layer, so take your time and build the shadows up, and don't forget to blend like never before!

Please let me know what you think in the comments on YouTube or here or send me a Tweet of you wearing the look to! Feel free to make any suggestions for future videos too - I love it when I hear from you guys so do get in touch.

I also have a Facebook Page which has a few extra bits and pieces on so head over there too!


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