4 April 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #40

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This week I have been LOVING:
  • Having a gym buddy again! For me, a gym buddy isn't about having someone to do the same training as me, it is about having someone to look over at and sigh at and know that you are in it together. I have that again now and it has kicked me up the you know where in terms of not being able to let someone down when you arrange to meet them - this meant that i did four gym sessions last week and it will be similar numbers this week! Yay!
  • Our new 'Chromecast' thingmy-jig! Joe brought this for us and I thought 'great, another gadget we don't need', but, I have to confess that I think it is genius. I am sure you all know what it does but if not it is something that allows your tv to show what is on your phone, i.e. YouTube or iPlayer - thus making your phone a remote control for the tv... well, that is my non-technical description of what it does. It rocks!
  • It's the beginning of the month so you know what that means...new magazines! Need I say anything else? (Addicted!)
  • 'The Shock of the Fall' by Nathan Filer - loving this book so far. It has a really catchy style to it which makes me want to keep reading...will let you know what I think when I'm done.
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • A fun night with friends... which I think is happening this evening! As I have gotten older my definition of 'fun night' has switched from being out and about somewhere to being in with your closest buddies, laughing and sharing good food (..and maybe getting to sleep before midnight too - is that wrong?!).
  • A big spring-clean. Wow, I am making my life sound so glam! Early nights and cleaning - don't you just want to be me?! You know what I mean though - there is something about the sun being out that makes you think about fresh starts and inspires you to want to clean up your act. It feels good to have a few hours of pulling everything out of the cupboards, washing it, making it good as new, finding new homes for things that have been sitting about for ages or throwing things away that have simply sat there, bored, for months. Go on, give it a go - crank up the music and enjoy!
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • Ants. We woke up to a happy little gathering of these little guys last weekend, all over excited because there was a crumb on the floor. It took a while to get them out of the house completely and now I am obsessed with ant spotting - I saw one this morning and just dared him to call his friends back...
  • The Sahara! If you are in the U.K and have seen this weird Sahara sand smog we are getting - isn't it strange? When I drove home yesterday it was a bizarre sight of windy, sandy rain and heavy air. Shall I get myself a sexy desert outfit?


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