12 April 2014

Lazy Days with Friends

Yesterday I had a day off work and woke to this bright, yellow, warm thing peeping in through the curtains (that's the sun to you and me!). With no plans for the entire day other than picking up a parcel I had not been home to receive from the postie the day before (mini haul to come on that soon) my bestie and I decided to do what we do best - drink tea and natter.
Living in Wiltshire means that pretty much everywhere you drive is guaranteed to give you a wonderful view so driving over to see Lois is a double delight. Right now the rapeseed is starting to come out and there is a fabulous contrast of bright yellow and green everywhere you look, couple that with a pure blue sky and white fluffy clouds and heaven has arrived, for me at least.

Currently juggling a brand new baby (lovely Janey), a garden of rabbits and a very active Collie dog (Casper 'The friendly Dog') isn't always an easy task so getting out and walking the dog is made easier as a team, and even easier when it is sunny out! We took a brief stroll around the field up the road; Lois calming Janey as she realised it she didn't enjoy being in her baby-sling as much as she once thought and me trying not to be tripped up by a stick caring hound.

Sometimes days don't have to be 'mega' to be just what the doctor ordered - being outside in the sun and warming your bones can be all that it takes - throw in friends and you have the 'cherry on top'.

 photo 16C87036-EA2B-4195-B14A-A1F95C808049_zpskxnemmpe.jpg
Beautiful Wiltshire fields

 photo BCAFDB2D-4BB9-4A29-9EB8-2F434A6523B5_zpsabkfz9e9.jpg
 Casper and the stick of the day

 photo 113CDECE-4DA5-4A22-85A9-63F3C0748036_zps1gvj0eyc.jpg
The ladies - Lois and baby Janey 

 photo FC982ED6-75E6-4A84-A00F-A1B5788208A7_zpskgfccxhe.jpg
 Janey and I take a 'selfie'

 photo 4FDECFB7-7D51-4B4D-AE06-779C984355C6_zpsnhoqaekg.jpg
'Squeaky penguin is mine!' 

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