28 April 2014

Favourite Blogs - April Edition

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It would be a total no-brainer to suggest that I love blogs, and all kinds of blogs at that. Bloglovin' is my best friend, although current feed status suggests I have 391 unread posts to catch up on (oops!). Once a month I would really like an opportunity to share my three top blogs/bloggers because sometimes it is the best way to celebrate amazing sites and talented writers plus, reading posts like this have been the way I have discovered some of my absolute favourite reads!

When I find a really good blog it makes me feel inspired and motivated and part of something. I guess one of the up sides to being a blogger is that you belong to a community, albeit one that can remain a little isolated, but you can understand what other bloggers are about and how their mind works - creative blocks included. I really enjoying following bloggers on Bloglovin', Instagram, Twitter and wherever else they happen to dwell (how could I forget Pinterest - my mecca!), so if you are a reader or a blogger and fancy sharing your blog with me please get in touch (social media links in sidebar!).

Onto this months top three (I am saying this like a 90's 'Top 40' DJ in my head - that has to stop!)

The blog I am about to mention I literally adore, this lovely girl keeps me sane when I am having a bad day and need a pick up or just brings extra sun to an already sparkly day. 'Cider with Rosie' (you probably already know it but should definitely check it out if you don't) is a lifestyle blog written by Surrey based Rosie who says she started her blog as a way of emulating her grandma's diaries of her life - so lovely. I enjoy everything Rosie posts but particularly like her '10 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week' and, more recently, her beautiful engagement story (so romantic!). 

'Life Outside London' is a relatively new discovery for me and is a blog I instantly connected with - losing approximately one whole hour of my day to - a good sign! I am into lifestyle blogs at the moment and, as a fellow countryside dwelling, seaside loving girl, I took to this read easily! I specifically enjoyed (and giggled out-loud) to the post titled 'The Arts of Procrastination' seeing as I was doing just that when I stumbled across the blog.

'A Beautiful Mess' is such an amazingly inspirational place to go and a blog I have been reading right from the very start of my interest in blogging. Whether you are after quirky craft projects, mouth-watering recipes or... anything else for that matter you will find something on there you like. Run by two talented sisters this site has something to offer daily and their content is beautiful, bright and always bang on trend. They have even published books (I am yet to read) and written e-courses, two of which I have done and can highly recommend - although they are not currently available online as they are being re-written.

So, there you have it, Aprils Favourite Blogs!

I would love to know what your must-reads are so please get in touch and let me know what blog you cannot live without! 


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