23 April 2014

And so to Bills...

 photo fromlucywithlovebills1_zpsfc78255a.png

I have officially decided that breakfast out is the way forward, especially with friends and especially at Bill's Restaurant in Salisbury. Maybe I haven't 'lived' but I was as happy as an Easter bunny settled in at our table on Sunday morning, surrounded by lots of yummy food and hot tea. Bill's has the kind of cool, but not too cool you can't relax, kind of vibe that I really like in a restaurant and they are very friendly and helpful (when presented with a 'have you got a table for four plus room for a pushchair...' type of scenario).

Having dreamed about a full English breakfast since we made the plans to go I had a sudden, pancake-related, change of heart. To be honest you can't really blame me, they were so delicious! I will let the pictures make you as hungry as they are making me right now as I type this...

 photo fromlucywithlovebills7_zpsf2a9cc4f.png

 photo fromlucywithlovebills6_zps5d3fa4d9.png

 photo fromlucywithlovebills4_zpsa65fabc7.png
 photo fromlucywithlovebills2_zpsae50f285.png

 photo fromlucywithlovebills3_zps87567d90.png
{The disaster zone-signs of a good breakfast!}

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