30 April 2014

Top Pins for April

It is time for my monthly Pinterest 'Top Pins' and this month I have selected some of the brightest, loveliest, spring home inspirations I have added to my folders recently. I am in need of finally getting around to completing a couple of the rooms in the house and making them more like home so have been on a bit of a home style pinning spree of late.

 photo fromlucywithlove-april-toppins_zps9e581c1a.png

1. A bucket of tulips cannot fail to make you smile and I have been lucky enough to have had a vase full recently which can really make a difference to any room, they are so bright and fresh and really cheer up any dull corner.
2. This Painted staircase is so gorgeous and Mediterranean looking. It really reminds me of summer holidays spent in Spain when I was little. Sunlight really inspires colour and I think this is simply gorgeous.
3. I love the contrast of grey and bright colours, this Grey and yellow bedroom style is divine and super classy (with a punch of quirkiness poking through).
4. Yellow doors , or any brightly coloured doors for that matter, make such a lovely impact in any room or as a front door even. I love them!
5. Sometime you can inject colour to perk up a room without the need to spend too much money. This Spring kitchen simplicity is created by the beautiful pink blooms and they look perfect.
6. Blue painted chairs create a great feature in this room. I like that they are not all identical too. If you hunt on eBay you can find some bargains that will only need a quick sand down, prime and then a couple of coats of colour and varnish - easy!


29 April 2014

The Everyday Mundane...

 photo tea_zpsb13782a6.png
{Picture from Pinterest}

I love social media, truly I do, but being a blogger and having my phone surgically attached to my hand most of the time comes with its downsides. I mean, do you ever find yourself admiring someone's holiday photos or weekend status on Facebook and think 'wow, that sounds exciting'. I used to think like that years ago but these days I am more than content with my little lot (happy as Larry himself in fact). I still like reading about what everyone's doing and checking out photographs from days out (one of my favourite pastimes!) but there is a great deal to be said for the silent moments, the everyday, the mundane. I think that sometimes we can just miss it. These lovely, ever-so-precious moments can just cruise on by unnoticed and then they are gone forever.

This post is about celebrating those moments, the 'real life' moments, the things that get left off Facebook. Why do I want to write a post about them? Because they are beautiful. They are what builds bonds and strengthen relationships because no one ever gets to know they happen, what makes you you, or makes us us.

My Everyday Mundane...

- Harry Potter Saturdays: Joe and I love HP and are often found snuggled up on the sofa gripped to the gangs next adventure. When it comes on TV we always watch it, despite having them all on DVD - they are always better on TV, heaven knows why!

- Quiet Time: Living where we live now means that I have an hours drive home from work to beautiful Wiltshire and, it has to be said, I quite enjoy it. I use it to think through my day and unwind my thoughts. I am always first home so use that precious empty-house time to down tools, make a hot cup of tea and take it upstairs. If the weathers nice I open the bedroom window and sit on the bed drinking my tea, observing all the movement happening outside; the birds jumping about from fence to fence, the various cats holding their territory strong just in case and the sound of the distant road. I love these moments.

- Bookshop Hour: Cancel that...in a good bookshop you could lose me for many hours! I am not really a shopping  kind of girl but where I can spend time (other than in Boots) is a good bookshop. Sometimes when we are in town we wander into Waterstones (Joe upstairs to the 'Space' section - me hot on his heels after the 'What's New' fiction shelf). It is peaceful and relaxing to take time reading books, looking for inspiration amongst their pages and exploring what new 'bits and bobs' they have in (notepads, seed pots and pretty ribbons last time we were there!).

- Rainy Day Netflix Marathons: Sometimes the weather dictates that there is nothing better to do then stay home and put on Netflix. Our current favourite is Breaking Bad (no spoilers people!) but it would be wrong not to mention the amount of times we have dozed off to the comfort of Mary Poppins or some other childhood favourite (let alone the amount of 'Gavin & Stacey' episodes we watch!).

- Cooking an Evening Meal: I'm not at home every night in the week so Joe and I make a big effort to cook meals together at the weekend or just when we get some time together. Do you guys do this too? I think it is so nice to do these things as a couple, help each other out and enjoy it rather than see it as a chore.

- Spotify Nights: When we are super bored; nothing on TV, Netflix is not doing it for us, we dragout Spotify for entertainment, taking it in turns to line up a favourite song. This starts off well and usually deteriorates to 90's cheese or terrible one hit wonders, more specifically Chesney Hawks (usually Joe) and Whigfield (me - including a half remembered 'Saturday Night' dance routine, much to Joe's amusement!).

...and when all else fails: Tea and fridge chocolate. This needs no explaining!


28 April 2014

Favourite Blogs - April Edition

 photo fromlucywithlove-favouriteblogs_zps6478fa98.png
{Image sourced from Pinterest}

It would be a total no-brainer to suggest that I love blogs, and all kinds of blogs at that. Bloglovin' is my best friend, although current feed status suggests I have 391 unread posts to catch up on (oops!). Once a month I would really like an opportunity to share my three top blogs/bloggers because sometimes it is the best way to celebrate amazing sites and talented writers plus, reading posts like this have been the way I have discovered some of my absolute favourite reads!

When I find a really good blog it makes me feel inspired and motivated and part of something. I guess one of the up sides to being a blogger is that you belong to a community, albeit one that can remain a little isolated, but you can understand what other bloggers are about and how their mind works - creative blocks included. I really enjoying following bloggers on Bloglovin', Instagram, Twitter and wherever else they happen to dwell (how could I forget Pinterest - my mecca!), so if you are a reader or a blogger and fancy sharing your blog with me please get in touch (social media links in sidebar!).

Onto this months top three (I am saying this like a 90's 'Top 40' DJ in my head - that has to stop!)

The blog I am about to mention I literally adore, this lovely girl keeps me sane when I am having a bad day and need a pick up or just brings extra sun to an already sparkly day. 'Cider with Rosie' (you probably already know it but should definitely check it out if you don't) is a lifestyle blog written by Surrey based Rosie who says she started her blog as a way of emulating her grandma's diaries of her life - so lovely. I enjoy everything Rosie posts but particularly like her '10 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week' and, more recently, her beautiful engagement story (so romantic!). 

'Life Outside London' is a relatively new discovery for me and is a blog I instantly connected with - losing approximately one whole hour of my day to - a good sign! I am into lifestyle blogs at the moment and, as a fellow countryside dwelling, seaside loving girl, I took to this read easily! I specifically enjoyed (and giggled out-loud) to the post titled 'The Arts of Procrastination' seeing as I was doing just that when I stumbled across the blog.

'A Beautiful Mess' is such an amazingly inspirational place to go and a blog I have been reading right from the very start of my interest in blogging. Whether you are after quirky craft projects, mouth-watering recipes or... anything else for that matter you will find something on there you like. Run by two talented sisters this site has something to offer daily and their content is beautiful, bright and always bang on trend. They have even published books (I am yet to read) and written e-courses, two of which I have done and can highly recommend - although they are not currently available online as they are being re-written.

So, there you have it, Aprils Favourite Blogs!

I would love to know what your must-reads are so please get in touch and let me know what blog you cannot live without! 


25 April 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #43

 photo image59_zpsa4ac3e13.jpeg

This week I have been LOVING:
  • Bluebells. There are little spring flowers popping up all over at the moment and when I was out on a little wander about on Bank Holiday Monday it was so lovely to see all the pretty wild flowers opening up to greet the sun and all the bee's enjoying their new playground.
  • Putting an end to the chocolate! Monday marked the 'finish all the Easter treats' day. I have to get rid of them or eat them because I don't have the willpower to just allow them to stay in the cupboard and simply not eat them - I literally hear them calling me until I can't take it anymore and devour the lot. Yep, that's me - greedy lil' piglet. So now I am back on the healthy wagon and it feel good actually. I have been training hard, as I mentioned before, and now I am hoping for more obvious results (if I can resist the sugar of course!).
  • Reading other peoples romantic stories. One of my favourite bloggers got engaged this week and I teared up reading her post all about it! 
  • Stargazing. It is so incredibly open, here in Wiltshire, that when we get a clear night you can see so many stars - my heaven on a stick really! On Good Friday it was particularly clear and, as I mentioned on Twitter that night, I saw so many satellites and the Space Station too. I can highly recommend just going out and looking up on a clear night - the most awesome thing you can do - free of charge.
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • So, if you read my blog you may have seen that I am a big 'Breaking Bad' fan. We are currently on Series 4 and loving it. But as soon as I find out someone has watched the whole thing to the end I start questioning them - I have to stop, I am like a woman possessed! The thing is I don;t actually want to know, but I do...but I don't - you know?! What will I do when I finish watching it - there will be a 'Breaking Bad' hole in my television life! Just. Stop. Asking. That is what I need to do this week.
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • People trying to run me off the road. People yelling when I am trying to help. Strange sleep disturbed by crazy dreams (I blame Breaking Bad for those!). Horrible tasting protein shake that I really need to finish because it is expensive and I refuse to throw it away - the bag looks like a job lot of dog biscuits - I have a long way to go.

23 April 2014

And so to Bills...

 photo fromlucywithlovebills1_zpsfc78255a.png

I have officially decided that breakfast out is the way forward, especially with friends and especially at Bill's Restaurant in Salisbury. Maybe I haven't 'lived' but I was as happy as an Easter bunny settled in at our table on Sunday morning, surrounded by lots of yummy food and hot tea. Bill's has the kind of cool, but not too cool you can't relax, kind of vibe that I really like in a restaurant and they are very friendly and helpful (when presented with a 'have you got a table for four plus room for a pushchair...' type of scenario).

Having dreamed about a full English breakfast since we made the plans to go I had a sudden, pancake-related, change of heart. To be honest you can't really blame me, they were so delicious! I will let the pictures make you as hungry as they are making me right now as I type this...

 photo fromlucywithlovebills7_zpsf2a9cc4f.png

 photo fromlucywithlovebills6_zps5d3fa4d9.png

 photo fromlucywithlovebills4_zpsa65fabc7.png
 photo fromlucywithlovebills2_zpsae50f285.png

 photo fromlucywithlovebills3_zps87567d90.png
{The disaster zone-signs of a good breakfast!}

20 April 2014

Sunday Snaps!

I hope you are all having a lovely Easter weekend. I have had a few days off this week so there have been more things going on than normal and it has been a great week. Here is my week in pictures!

 photo From-Lucy-With-Love-20-april_zpsb501b24e.png
1. There has been a whole load of cooking going on this week! I actually cooked a soup, a curry and some frozen yogurt, hence the berries! To the soup recipe click HERE / 2. As I was at home a little more than usual I had our usual visitor for company and she was feeling a little more cuddly then normal / 3. Good Friday was a family day spent with my mum and dad. Mum made the most amazing roast, lemon ginger pudding and her specialty - cupcakes! / 4. I occasionally workout at home rather than in the gym and this particular day I was not alone - so very cute! / 5. On the way out, gifts at my feet. I was 'feeling' the red converse that day because it was bright out and they are super comfy! / 6. What a view. Lovely Wiltshire / 7. A pre-cooking selfie. I was rocking a checked shirt this week, all I needed was a bit of straw hanging out my mouth and I'd have had myself a cow-girl party! / 8. My prawn curry, yummy, even if I do say so myself / 9. About to start a very intense lower body circuit at home, water at the ready.


19 April 2014

Spring Make Up - New YouTube Video!

 photo fromlucywithlove-brighspringmakeup_zpsf31e7886.png

It isn't very often I wear a brighter make up look but I felt inspired by the sun coming out to try and create something a little more out of my comfort zone and this is what I came up with! It is different when you are in your thirties as you don't want to go too young make up wise and just look silly, but it is not like I am over the hill and I am pretty sure I can carry off a bit of colour! (Maybe I'll let you decide that).

I have listed and linked all the products I used to create this look in the downbar of the video, which you can view if you watch the video on YouTube directly, so if you have your eyes on anything please check out the list there. I hope you enjoy it, please give it a 'Like' and hit the 'Subscribe' button to be the first to hear about my new videos.


18 April 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #42

 photo sunnies_zps6015aa23.png

This week I have been LOVING:
  • Being off work for a few days and it actually being sunny! Surely some kind of miracle has occurred? I'll include in this not having to carry a winter coat about - hurrah!
  • Having time to get together with friends at random times of the day. This week I have managed to gate crash the office of 'Pigs Might Fly South', an amazing blood making business who supply the blood for some mega movies and theatre productions by the way (!), for tea and biscuits for a few hours. I have also had a couple of nice walks with my bestie and her gorgeous collie dog Casper - I posted a couple of pictures from one little outing the other day (see them HERE).
  • Cooking new things! This week I have made Thai Chicken Soup, Prawn Curry, Frozen Yoghurt and a yummy Orange and Mango juice - I have turned all domesticated with my time off! I also posted the recipe for the Thai Chicken Soup if you are interested in doing that. It was much easier than I thought it would be and tasted goooood!
  • Trialling 'reverse hair washing. I heard about it through a Glamour Magazine Blog Post and talked about it on my Facebook Page turns out a couple of people had tried it so I thought I would give it a try. It is meant to stop weighing your hair down and therefore give more volume and bounce. The first time I tried it this is exactly what happened but yesterday, for some reason, I was left with a static head of hair! I think it may be something I can't do very often! Also, my hair wasn't quite as shiny as normal so I think I may have to stick to the old fashioned way of washing my mane!
  • Making new friends through Twitter :-)
  • Getting up early and enjoy some silence. On Tuesday I was sitting in my little office/blogging room before 6am, enjoying a cup of tea and a slice of toast with Marmite (yes, I like Marmite!). I didn't put the radio on and just worked for half an hour in utter silence with the window open a little bit. Without meaning to sound too cheesy I could hear the birds singing and people calling their dogs (there is a field opposite the house popular with dog walkers!) - there is a lot to be said for enjoying some peace and quiet...
  • Feeling fitter. I have mentioned before that I have been getting back to training again (post op) and have now started to feel like I am making some progress again. It has only been a few short weeks since I gave myself a kick up the backside to get back to it properly but I am feeling motivated and am beginning to get some results. Recovery is good, strength is slowly improving, although I have been told my chest and shoulder strength won't be fully back until another 6-8 months have passed by. All I need now is for Mini Eggs to disappear from the shops because I have no self-control and normality will be restored...ish!
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • On the subject of working out, I could really do with some new workout music. I have a great playlist but when you are training frequently it easily gets boring. Any recommendations?
  • To buy a couple of Easter eggs - it's Good Friday and I know when I try and find an egg there will be nothing left. This happens each and every year!
  • An office blitz! My working space at home has become over run with old magazines and really needs sorting. I keep them for inspiration and regularly tear out the pages or articles which are interesting to me for whatever reason. Recently though I have come to realise that I need to get some kind of storage system in there to replace the copious amounts of old cardboard boxes and bags that I have accumulated - I feel inspired after watching Estee from Essie Button, do her 'Ikea Haul'! Gotta love Ikea for a cheap way to style-up a room huh?!
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • Our rubbish lawnmower decided to 'give up the ghost' this week. Poor thing. Now my dad is on a mission to try and find us another one but in the meantime we borrowed one that made the other one look like a blunt pair of scissors. I actually think a blunt pair of scissors may have done a better job at it!

15 April 2014

New YouTube Video! Evening Make Up Look!

 photo fromlucywithlove-smokey-eye_zps679656c5.png

If you going out in the evening then nothing quite beats a soft smokey eye make up to bring out your eyes and add something a little dramatic to your face/outfit! This one is so quick and very simple, just be prepared to blend, blend, blend!

I have tried to create a flawless, matte base and the products I have used I can testify do actually stay put, on my skin at least. I find, when putting together a heavier eye make up, that lighter layers have a little more longevity then just applying a thicker layer, so take your time and build the shadows up, and don't forget to blend like never before!

Please let me know what you think in the comments on YouTube or here or send me a Tweet of you wearing the look to! Feel free to make any suggestions for future videos too - I love it when I hear from you guys so do get in touch.

I also have a Facebook Page which has a few extra bits and pieces on so head over there too!


14 April 2014

Quick and Easy Thai Chicken Soup

I really do try my best to keep healthy (the occasional splurge should be forgiven!) but the one meal I am just terrible at, usually due to lack of time, is lunch. When it comes to preparing food, specifically something healthy for work, I am not overly creative and so I embarked on a mission to find a recipe that was full of taste and, most importantly, quick and easy to make and batch up.

This recipe is one I recently looked at in a health and fitness magazine and scribbled down in a notebook, unfortunately I have no idea which magazine that was so I apologise. However, it is rather yummy! Having made it and tasted it the only thing I would perhaps add next time is some very finely chopped red chilli's but believe me when I say I am no expert!

 photo fromlucywithlove-ingredients-thai-chicken-soup_zps57ff59e9.png
- 1 medium onion
- 1 garlic clove, crushed
- 1 pinch of cumin
- 1 lemongrass stick, crushed
- 1 tbsp olive oil
- 1 small handful of French beans, chopped
- 1 carrot, chopped into matchsticks
- 2 tbsp Marigold stock powder, dissolved in 2 cups of hot water
- 1 small chicken breast
- 1/2 tin of coconut milk
- 1 small bunch of coriander leaves, optional

How to make:
1. Shred the chicken into small, random pieces and cook in a very small amount of oil. Place to one side.

 photo fromlucywithlove-chicken-thai-chicken-soup_zps1feeb844.png

2. Cook the onion, garlic, cumin and lemongrass in a pan with the oil until the onions are transparent. It may be worth noting here, for those of you that are like me and have no idea what a 'crushed' bit of lemongrass looks like, that I watched a short clip that said for soups you should use a rolling pin to gentle 'smash' the stick of lemongrass, cook as described and then take out the stick at the end so all the flavor is left in the soup but not the actual stick! (Hope that helps!)

 photo fromlucywithlove-onions-garlic-thai-chicken-soup_zps5d9df5d5.png

3. Add the beans and carrots and stir fry for a few minutes.

4. Add half the stock and allow to simmer for 2-3 minutes.

 photo fromlucywithlove-carrot-stock-thai-chicken-soup_zps7fdac1e8.png

5. Add the chicken, then simmer for a further 5-6 minutes.

6. Finally, add the coconut milk. I would then suggest tasting it and deciding whether you want to add more of the remaining stock or not. 

Optional extra: Add some fresh coriander leaves to the top of your bowl!

 photo fromlucywithlove-coconut-milk-thai-chicken-soup_zps4a581b2c.png
If you try this send me a Tweet and let me know how it goes, also, if you add the red chilli let me know what you think! I will be trying that on my next batch! Enjoy!


12 April 2014

Lazy Days with Friends

Yesterday I had a day off work and woke to this bright, yellow, warm thing peeping in through the curtains (that's the sun to you and me!). With no plans for the entire day other than picking up a parcel I had not been home to receive from the postie the day before (mini haul to come on that soon) my bestie and I decided to do what we do best - drink tea and natter.
Living in Wiltshire means that pretty much everywhere you drive is guaranteed to give you a wonderful view so driving over to see Lois is a double delight. Right now the rapeseed is starting to come out and there is a fabulous contrast of bright yellow and green everywhere you look, couple that with a pure blue sky and white fluffy clouds and heaven has arrived, for me at least.

Currently juggling a brand new baby (lovely Janey), a garden of rabbits and a very active Collie dog (Casper 'The friendly Dog') isn't always an easy task so getting out and walking the dog is made easier as a team, and even easier when it is sunny out! We took a brief stroll around the field up the road; Lois calming Janey as she realised it she didn't enjoy being in her baby-sling as much as she once thought and me trying not to be tripped up by a stick caring hound.

Sometimes days don't have to be 'mega' to be just what the doctor ordered - being outside in the sun and warming your bones can be all that it takes - throw in friends and you have the 'cherry on top'.

 photo 16C87036-EA2B-4195-B14A-A1F95C808049_zpskxnemmpe.jpg
Beautiful Wiltshire fields

 photo BCAFDB2D-4BB9-4A29-9EB8-2F434A6523B5_zpsabkfz9e9.jpg
 Casper and the stick of the day

 photo 113CDECE-4DA5-4A22-85A9-63F3C0748036_zps1gvj0eyc.jpg
The ladies - Lois and baby Janey 

 photo FC982ED6-75E6-4A84-A00F-A1B5788208A7_zpskgfccxhe.jpg
 Janey and I take a 'selfie'

 photo 4FDECFB7-7D51-4B4D-AE06-779C984355C6_zpsnhoqaekg.jpg
'Squeaky penguin is mine!' 

11 April 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #41

 photo LNM_zpscc4d7a91.png

This week I have been LOVING:
  • Driving to the gym past fields of happy looking cows, horses and sheep. Yesterday I watched this cute young cow rubbing it's little face all over the grass - it looked so happy and sweet!
  • Working with families to make Easter treats and crafts. Through work we ran some family workshops as it is the Easter holidays here, the kids made some fantastic bits and bobs including rabbit flower pots and Easter cakes too - a clever and creative little bunch!
  • Finishing 'The shock of the Fall' by Nathan Filer - I don't want spoil it - just read it! Honestly, it's amazing.
  • Pastel nails! Spring is here - Easter nails are here - they blend in with the mini eggs I have eaten...
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • Vitamins! This new training regime is taking its toll on me a little and I am suffering from a sore throat at the end of the day (post-exercise) - I am downing vitamins, which seem to be helping, maybe it's just psychological but I think they're helping!
  • To clear the car! I don't know about you guys but I am a bit of a horder in my car - not intentionally but it kind of gathers its own momentum as the weeks go by. I will hoover my car and tidy it out, then I will have a project at work and have to fill my car with craft stuff or paperwork, some of which will stay in my car by default. The next day someone will eat chocolate in my car and the wrapper will stay put, making itself comfy under the seat somewhere. Then there's the various water bottles, training towels and receipts... help! Poor Pedro (that's my cars name... what? That's totally a normal name for a car!!)
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • This week the grass in the back and front garden seems to have taken on a life of its own (a bit like Pedro!) - it has shot up and now even Gizmo the Cat looks lost out there... when did this happen? Right now the ground is too wet for the also very 'wet' electric lawnmower! Last time a damp mow (is that a thing?) was attempted all the grass got stuck under the mower and it took creative use of a stick to free it up - I know what you are thinking...' Lucy, I wish I had your life... it is so damn sexy' - I know, I know! ;-)

10 April 2014

April's 'You Beauty Discovery Box' - YouTube Video!

 photo fromlucywithlove-you-beauty-box-april-2014_zpsb29f1054.png

Another month has whizzed by and we are in April already, 11 days in to the month in-fact! I quite like the start of a new month as it brings with it a hefty thud on the doormat and my new beauty box by 'You Beauty'. I have been getting this box for quite a few months now so if you are intrigued what sort of things you can get each month then please do check out my other videos which you can find HERE

This month I selected an eye roll-on by Dr Organic and a 'Red Clay' face mask by the brand Clayspray. The theme of this month's box is 'natural skincare and organic brands' and there were some great things to choose from! To see what else I received in this month's box why not check out the video below?

Let me know if you get a beauty box and what you think of it - I am nosy like that!


9 April 2014

A little fitness journey...

 photo try_zps20e91c5a.png
Picture from Pinterest

I have been wanting to write a 'health and fitness' type of post for a little while but I didn't want it to come across as boring nonsense. My journey with my 'getting fitter' has always been up and down and, to be totally honest, I feel like if I write a post about 'how I keep myself healthy or fit' it leaves you open to all sorts of internet abuse, regardless of your situation in life (the downside to having a part of yourself on the internet I guess).

Recently though, I have been wanting to include more of a variety of posts on here and kind of feel like if I'm going to do it that I should just go for it, so here we go. This is my opinion on my experiences so if you disagree that is ok, but please try to do so nicely! (Thanks!)

When I was a teenager I was a 'big girl' - I comfort ate A LOT and subsequently I expanded around the middle and became more body conscious as a result. As I got older I started to suffer from acne and was still gaining pounds to match - what with the combination of those things and wearing glasses I was a target for comments at school etc. I really don't want to mention what size I was on here as it is not relevant, the point I want to make is how to move forward from that really.

At the grand old age of 17 I embarked on a fitness qualification as, despite my size, I had always been interested in sport and fitness, I was just larger than 'average' (whatever that is these days!). I began working in the industry and kind of have done ever since then really. I have tried most fitness fads, most crash diets, most stupid pills and quick fixes, and I am here to tell you not to do the same.

These days I like to think of myself as a lot more level headed and hate to hear young girls and boys talking non-stop about their bodies (Just let them finish growing before judging yourself! Get outside and run about!). Although I am not full-time in the industry now I cannot help myself when it comes to telling people to stay active, something is better than nothing and 'don't give up'. So many people start a regime, feel a slight bit of discomfort and immediately quit. Honestly guys, stick with it, it is so worth it, push through the pain (injuries and on-going health issues excluded obviously) - eat a balanced diet that is as low in processed foods as you can get, drink lots more water and cut sugar and alcohol... tell me that you don't feel better after this!

As someone who finds it hard to lose weight - partially genetically and partially health reasons, I have to work my butt off to stay the size I am and I am not a stick - I am a size 14 and proud! I train hard, I eat right (most of the time) and I try. That is all you can do, try (your very, very best). On days where you feel like all you want to do is go home, pour a glass of wine and sit, make sure you get outside or go to the gym, even for half an hour. You will come away feeling motivated, inspired and proud that you fought past the devil on your shoulder telling you to 'do it tomorrow'.

My new found love when it comes to training programmes comes in the form of a rather intense downloadable workout from Australian trainer Kayla Itsines. She specialises in what has become known as the 'Bikini Body' - just a healthy looking body to you and me. I am not suggesting I will look like a bikini model by next week (if only!), but her workouts are awesome. I love this type of training and am really getting into pushing this hard again. You can find out more about her on her Instagram Page or her website - check out some of her results on Instagram too - amazing.

Anyway, sorry for the lengthy post. I want to include more fitness here so may continue to do (shorter) posts centered around that too. Let me know if there is anything specific you want to read about.


6 April 2014

Sunday Snaps!

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1. Me looking tired and grouchy after a very hard training session - #gymselfie / 2. I took this photo of Joe in his music studio - looking angelic there Joseph! / 3. Our family portrait on the blackboard in the kitchen - it is wrong how proud I am of this drawing...three years of art school really came in useful didn't it?! / 4. A lovely little Easter-themed pressie from the bestie, thanks Lois :-) / 5. My 'no make-up (no contact lenses)' selfie! / 6. Here we are expressing our joy for the humble Galaxy chocolate egg...yummy! / 7. I treated myself to these beauties on Wednesday. You can't beat having fresh flowers about the house and spring time flowers are my fave! / 8. Had this rather random screen shot sent to me from Joe this week as it appears he has reached No 1 on the local 'Reverbnation' charts - whoop whoop! He would love it if you would check out his tunes, you can find him on Facebook as 'Minus Cube' or on Soundcloud / 9. This ever-so-flattering picture is another one from Joe (he's taking over this weeks Sunday Snaps huh?)  I was rummaging through my nail varnish box, yes there's a box mum, when he took this beauty. I look like I have been caught out doing something bad!


5 April 2014

A little collection of empties - New YouTube Video!

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The other day I was sitting in the little room in our house that I use as my 'office' (place for all the things I have no room for anywhere else may be more accurate!) when I glanced at an over-flowing bag of empties under my desk and thought 'it's time'... so I dusted it off and made this video!

I quite enjoy watching empties videos as I figure if someone has totally used up a product it must be good! Anyway, my video is particularly haircare-heavy with a couple of other bits and bobs in it for good measure. Please click through to my YouTube Channel to see other videos or to 'like' and subscribe.


4 April 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #40

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This week I have been LOVING:
  • Having a gym buddy again! For me, a gym buddy isn't about having someone to do the same training as me, it is about having someone to look over at and sigh at and know that you are in it together. I have that again now and it has kicked me up the you know where in terms of not being able to let someone down when you arrange to meet them - this meant that i did four gym sessions last week and it will be similar numbers this week! Yay!
  • Our new 'Chromecast' thingmy-jig! Joe brought this for us and I thought 'great, another gadget we don't need', but, I have to confess that I think it is genius. I am sure you all know what it does but if not it is something that allows your tv to show what is on your phone, i.e. YouTube or iPlayer - thus making your phone a remote control for the tv... well, that is my non-technical description of what it does. It rocks!
  • It's the beginning of the month so you know what that means...new magazines! Need I say anything else? (Addicted!)
  • 'The Shock of the Fall' by Nathan Filer - loving this book so far. It has a really catchy style to it which makes me want to keep reading...will let you know what I think when I'm done.
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • A fun night with friends... which I think is happening this evening! As I have gotten older my definition of 'fun night' has switched from being out and about somewhere to being in with your closest buddies, laughing and sharing good food (..and maybe getting to sleep before midnight too - is that wrong?!).
  • A big spring-clean. Wow, I am making my life sound so glam! Early nights and cleaning - don't you just want to be me?! You know what I mean though - there is something about the sun being out that makes you think about fresh starts and inspires you to want to clean up your act. It feels good to have a few hours of pulling everything out of the cupboards, washing it, making it good as new, finding new homes for things that have been sitting about for ages or throwing things away that have simply sat there, bored, for months. Go on, give it a go - crank up the music and enjoy!
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • Ants. We woke up to a happy little gathering of these little guys last weekend, all over excited because there was a crumb on the floor. It took a while to get them out of the house completely and now I am obsessed with ant spotting - I saw one this morning and just dared him to call his friends back...
  • The Sahara! If you are in the U.K and have seen this weird Sahara sand smog we are getting - isn't it strange? When I drove home yesterday it was a bizarre sight of windy, sandy rain and heavy air. Shall I get myself a sexy desert outfit?

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