23 March 2014

Sunday Snaps!

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1. 'Hello...I'm here! Let me in pleeeeaaasse!' / 2. What a week! I have had my full quota of ill health for 2014 I think - I had a strange virus thingy watzit this week which wiped me out completely...I hardly ate for 7 days and believe me - I love my food! / 3. Having a little Geoffrey cuddle (makes everything better) / 4. We head to Mercedes Benz World on Saturday to do two driving experiences, I did the AMG experience and Joe did a 4x4 one - what an awesome day! / 5. Inside Mercedes - this floating Formula One car shows just how complex these things are! / 6. Me in my lovely car! (Can't understand why you don't get to keep it...) / 7. A few snazzy cards from Paperchase - I love Paperchase! / 8. There has been a few foggy starts in Wiltshire this week. / 9. A family portrait - someone made themselves comfy!


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