28 March 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #39

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This week I have been LOVING:
  • Normality has been resumed...just about! Can I put that as something I am 'Loving' this week? The thing is I haven't had the best run of it health-wise since Christmas, so I am hoping I have had my quota for the next couple of years at least! I have finished my antibiotics (my word, they were horrendous blighters!) and am back to 99% health so, yes, I think that is something I am loving this week!
  • Discovering new blogs, well, new to me anyway! I have been looking for a bit of inspiration recently. I want to include a bit more lifestyle here so I was trawling my favourite blogs for ideas when I stumbled across 'Cider With Rosie'. I am hooked. Her blog is honest, inspirational and has the cutest photos and writing. I really enjoy reading it and it fills me with a nice sense of hope and warmth... you should check it out.
  • Mini eggs. (They need no explanation!)
  • Books. Hold the phone people, Lucy has started reading again. Yee-haaa! I used to read all the time, for hours. It was something I did to relax and to switch off. Recently I have become useless at turning off my thoughts and when I tried to read I would find that I couldn't get a grip on the story as my thoughts were whizzing about up there and acting as a huge distraction. I have persevered and am now working my way through books like I used too. My current read is 'The Fault in Our Stars' by John Green. I am really enjoying it, even though it has a sad undertone, which, I have been warned, will get more upsetting, but it is a lovely read.
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • A haircut. I last had one on New Years Eve - and now I have a flat mop of hair. I get my hair cut where I go to the gym and whenever I walk past I feel like I have to hide from my hair dresser in case she grabs me and demands I sit in the chair immediately... better make an appointment!
  • No cravings. When I was poorly I barely ate a thing. When my hunger returned it returned with a super-force! I have been trying to restrain myself from eating everything in sight this week and to add insult to injury I have been craving sugar like no tomorrow. Someone tie my hands up! I can only assume it is because my energy was so low and my body needs more, I know sugar is not the way forward though!
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • Having zero time (again) to blog. I have decided that I need to be better at pre-scheduling at weekends, rather than assuming I will 'feel like it' after work - which doesn't often happen as I train or work late and get home at 9pm - eat...fall asleep on the sofa... that sort of thang! I don't know when life got SO crazy!


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