14 March 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #38

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This week I have been LOVING:
  • Exercise!! Woo-hoo! My word, it feels good to get the blood pumping around my body again! I am on a bit of a mission at the moment to get in shape for the warmer weather. I don't believe in diets, just permanent changes to your routine and lifestyle. I am going to try and do a blog post soon about what I am doing at the moment so eyes peeled for that. It feels good to exercise though, mentally and physically!
  • Is it boring to say sunshine? If you are reading this from another country you have to know that the UK has had SO much bad weather, I know we are kind of known for the odd bit of rain, but the recent weather has been utterly ridiculous! So, when the sun popped out this week I suddenly felt all optimistic and cheery! It makes the world of different, it really does. I want to fill the house with flowers, fling the windows open and sit in the garden, letting my skin soak in the sun...
  • Talented students. I work in the best school ever - I love my job and love to work with such amazing young people. This week was the Main School Production and it was fantastic. I get like a proud mother watching the students as they blossom into these amazing performers! They are inspiring to me, and have endless energy!
This week I have been NEEDING:

  •  Clothes without holes. On Sunday, when the sun was shining, I was overheating and pulled out some of my thinner sweaters, only to find that they all had little holes in - they were not all stored in the same place but seemed to have hole right where my belly button is - do I have a hungry belly button?? Need new rags people!
  • Time to read! I have some gorgeous, beautiful, wonderful, amazing new books...I love books, can you tell? I am desperate to sit and read - where did the days disappear to when I used to curl up on the sofa and devour a book in just a few days? They are just a faint imprint in my mind now as life has gone crazzzzy!
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • Over the last two days I developed an horrible throat and cough and last night, after exercising like a nutter (which, I probably shouldn't have done) I developed a fever. I was shivering and wrapping up, with Joe telling me 'you are boiling hot' and putting a cold flannel on my head... this morning I am wrapped up and cold, then hot, then cold... I will fight this thang! I cannot and will not be ill just as I have started training again....NO!


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