7 March 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #37

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This week I have been LOVING:
  • Massage! I was lucky enough to visit a spa last weekend with the bestie. We were both slightly overwhelmed by how many steam rooms, sauna's and various relaxation spaces that were on offer but soon adapted to our surroundings!! We had the most amazing massage and facial, which successfully chilled me out a bit! We also had rather a comical encounter with a mud treatment... we were instructed to cover ourselves in this freezing cold mud and pop on a face mask, which we did. When the therapist returned to switch on the steam she told us to sit for 20 minutes and let the steam warm us up and help the mud to penetrate the skin... 20 minutes later, still no steam! Just two shivering, flaky ladies! We did amuse ourselves by singing a bit and leaving muddy hand-prints all over the shop but, needless to say, we were a little chilly! We couldn't quite bring ourselves to wander out of the room into the posh corridor to find someone - covered head to toe in brown mud (swimsuit on too may I just add!). Needless to say we did get a refund on that treatment! 
  • Lovely Australian YouTube fan! I had the most lovely comment EVER this week. On Thursday I was feeling sleepy and worn out and was on my way to a school competition (...and a 17 hour day ahead!) when I received a notification from my Facebook Page. When I checked it out I had a gorgeous private message from a lovely viewer of my YouTube Channel. It is so nice to receive lovely comments and this one was the best! Gave me a wonderful lift for the rest of my day :-)
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • A trip to town! I was lucky enough to have received a few vouchers for my birthday and am dying to have a spendathon! It is not often I get a chance to have guilt-free spending so it'll be nice! Boots, here I come!
This weeks 'MEH'!:
  • Not being at home much. Since we got back from Cornwall I have been at home the least amount of time ever - which totally sucks actually. I come home, unpack, sleep, pack and leave again! This weekend there is nothing planned other than time at home though, which is good - I feel like a lodger in my own house right now!



  1. Hope you and J get to chill this weekend - sounds like you've earnt it :)

  2. Thank you lovely lady! Hope you are ok xx


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