10 February 2014

YouTube Video: February's 'You Beauty Discovery Box'

This month's beauty box arrived last Friday and it has to be the best yet! I won't waffle on about how it works because I mention it every month, so just click here to read more about the 'You Beauty Discovery Box'.

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This month I chose things that were all make up related as for the last couple I have had a whole bunch of skincare or hair care products, and I am over the moon with my little lot! To find out more please check out my YouTube video below and/or scroll down for a more detail write-up!

So, the two products I actually ordered for my February box were the Pixi 'Flawless & Poreless Primer' (full price £20.50) and the Teeez 'Desert Metals' Mascara (full price £13.95). With all of the hype around pore minimizing face primers I thought I would have a go at something that I haven't seen before. I mentioned in my last YouTube video that I am not great with face primers, my skin just doesn't fair too well with them. I brought a Clinique one several years ago that was meant to hide my pores - all it did was make them the worse I had ever seen, so you may understand my skepticism!

The primer itself looks flesh coloured but goes on transparent, so would suit any skin tone. Initially it felt a bit sticky but soon made my skin feel velvety soft and ready for foundation which applied perfectly over the top. I wouldn't say that it initially look any different immediately after application but I think the primer did help my make up to 'sit' better and it didn't move all day long! Happy bunny!

 photo from-lucy-with-love-february-beauty-box2_zps9f0438b8.pngNow, on to my favourite new discovery! I hadn't heard of the brand 'Teeez' (yep, it has three 'e's!) but from testing this mascara I will certainly be looking into more products. I am super fussy with mascara, they just don't do the right thing by my lashes (which, in case you were wondering, are short and straight and point floorwards!). This mascara went on beautifully and is, by far, the best mascara I have ever tried - that is a proper statement right there.

The formula is amazing and glides on so easily. What I liked is that I could apply a second or third coat effortlessly, without clumping or the feeling that you are dragging the wand through your lashes. It stays put really well (even through a workout) and is easy to remove with regular make up remover - what more could you ask for! Honestly, try it!

The freebies in the box were a lovely, dark chocolate orange treat (sorry, no photo...someone ate them....!). There was also a Charles Worthington 'Volume & Bounce' hair treatment, which I am yet to try out, but cannot wait! It claims to make your hair super voluminous and 'full'. It applies like a conditioner and then you are told to blow dry your hair upside down (for best results)...may have to take a picture of that, my hair goes a little crazy on ordinary 'drying upside down days'!!

Do you guys get a beauty box? If so, which one and how do you rate it? Let me know by commenting below.


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