17 February 2014

'The Cornwall Diaries' Day Two

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Given what the weather has been doing in Cornwall over the last couple of weeks (see THIS video from Newlyn, just minutes up the road from where we are right now) we felt very lucky to wake up on day two to a bright sunny start. Feeling the need to stretch our legs, after a long drive the day before, we head off to Watergate Bay, just up the road from Newquay.

As you will see from our vlog, Watergate Bay has a massive beach when the tide is out - we made the mistake, last time we visited, of not checking the tide times and rocking up when the tide was all the way in - rooky mistake! We were literally stranded on a tiny piece of sand with a group of tourists who had clearly thought the same as us - 'let's go for a nice walk on the beach' - it was a long wait!

You cannot visit this place without 'accidentally' going into the restaurant on the sea front and ordering an 'extreme hot chocolate'. Now, I do like to stay healthy as a general rule, however, when I am in Cornwall, on holiday, sometimes I have to go with tradition - and these hot chocolates are tradition! It'd be rude to refuse one! They look like mini works of art when they make them, but take seconds to demolish - such a shame! It pays not to add up the calorie content...

If you want to see some photo's from yesterday then check out my Sunday Snaps Post!

Enough rambling, I hope you enjoy the video from Sunday's adventures...


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