18 February 2014

'The Cornwall Diaries' Day Three

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Monday's weather here in The West was certainly not the greatest, so our vlogging was literally dampened by the rain and we were stuck in for most of the day! Tomorrow we are hoping to get to The Eden Project so hopefully it will be a bit more interesting! Anyway - onto today's 'action' (playing fast and loose with the word action!)...

As we were stuck inside I recorded a YouTube Video for my channel, the second part of a series of beauty videos I am currently doing - it was nice doing it somewhere different! When the rain stopped we stood staring out the window to see whether it looked like we had time to go for a walk - blue sky appeared so we layered up and off we went! It always seems like a waste being indoors when it is not raining, especially somewhere like this, when there are so many beautiful places everywhere you look.

Our evening was spent cooking and playing some of the games we recently discovered in the coffee table in the lounge...I haven't played Snakes and Ladders for so long! Apparently I am highly competitive when playing any game, even 'Tigger Snap' - note to self, don't play that game with children (I was yelling 'snap' scarily loud!).


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