16 February 2014

'The Cornwall Diaries' Day One

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We are finally in Cornwall! Leaving home at 5am yesterday meant that we got here mighty early but it also meant that we missed any school holiday traffic too - bonus! After driving through extreme winds and rain we were lucky enough to have the sky clear and the sun come out as we drove the final few miles to our favourite place in the world. Although there are many towns in the county who have suffered, and are still suffering from the flooding and storm damage, it still looks as beautiful as ever here and there is always a sense of people pulling together.

We are trying to vlog our whole trip, but as yesterdays was mostly hours of driving please forgive the amount of chit chat in the car! Nothing we could do about that, but now we are here we will be getting out and about so we will take you with us as we go!

So, yesterday we were on a mission to get to our apartment for 12pm (see the video for a tour around) as we had to be somewhere at 2pm. We booked to see a wedding venue in St Just, who specialise in elopements and small weddings. 'Boho Cornwall' are a husband and wife business, set in a rugged part of the world, in an old Arts and Crafts style house. Check out their website to see more about them. When thinking about weddings I am the last person to be found getting married in a big venue, surrounded by hundreds of people. It has to be about creating memories about the two of us, making it intimate is much more 'us'. I am sure I will be blogging a bit more about all of that soon but let's just say it was perfect!

As for the rest of the day, other than fighting to keep our eyes open after the 4am start, we had lunch at one of the best restaurants in West Cornwall - The Beach, in Sennen Cove. It is a little expensive but with views like you see in the picture at the top of this post, it is worth it. Plus, it holds special memories for us.

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We would love it if you stayed with us this week - we will try and get our videos up daily, although they may be one day behind!


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