19 February 2014

'The Cornwall Diaries' Day Four

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Having pre-booked tickets to go to The Eden Project on Monday evening we were determined to get up early and get there before the half term crowds appeared. The skies revealed a lovely blue sky and the day turned out to be just what the doctor ordered. If you haven't been to 'Eden' and you have the chance, for heavens sake, make sure you go! It is beautiful, thoughtful and one of the loveliest places I have visited. 

The details and thought put into every single little thing really blew my mind (completely). They have cute little information signs that you actually want to read and they put each area into context by placing things such as huts, artwork and tools about so you can realise the true environment of what you are seeing and imagine the people that live there. It makes you think how simply we can survive and, to be quite honest, makes you feel a bit silly for relying so heavily on all the materialistic things we have today. Cornwall makes me feel this anyway, but this place quadruples that feeling. 

Getting there early meant that, for about half an hour there was pure silence - heaven in a place like this.

I hope you like the vlog from the day, please scroll down for more images too!

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