21 February 2014

'The Cornwall Diaries' Day 5/6

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Day five in Cornwall was a bit of a wash-out so I decided to merge the two days together into one - here is our day five and six mash up!

With Carbis Bay train station two minutes down the hill it made perfect sense to hop on a train to St Ives on the rainy day that was Wednesday. We thought we would dive in and out of some shops and galleries and have a bite to eat. St Ives is great if you are an art lover as it has  artist studios you can walk right into. It is also the home of Tate St Ives (currently shut for refurbishment) and the Barbara Hepworth Museum. Personally I like to visit the Hepworth museum on a sunny day as it has the most lovely gardens, full of her sculpture right out there in nature as the artist intended. The home of the museum is Hepworth's old house, where she passed away in a fire years before. The light and airy space, converted into a shrine of her work and memories, is peaceful and a thrill for any fan of her work, but the highlight, for me anyway, is getting the chance to peep into her studios, re-created to look like the artist has just popped out for a second... eerie yet fascinating,

Yesterday, with sun and rain intermittent we decided to go on a bit of a road trip along the coastal road between St Ives and St Just. At about 10 miles long it is one of the most beautiful and magical roads you can drive down - a must for any Cornwall newcomer. You can pull in along the way, get out the car and hear nothing, literally (maybe the occasional 'moo' or rustling of the grass). There are old mines left crumbling, views out to the ocean and narrow lanes to explore if you are feeling particularly brave.

We pulled into Cape Cornwall to climb up to the top of the hill that juts out into the sea but has the most spectacular views...

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As the clouds threatened we jumped back in the car and head off for warm shelter in Sennen Cove. Sennen is, by far, my absolute favourite place in West Cornwall. There is just something about the place. I enjoy it the most this time of year, when you are not fighting for a space in the car park and all you can hear is the sea. It is a place for nature and it really does see some nature as the clip below, from a couple of weeks ago proves...

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