17 February 2014

The £25 Make Up Challenge: February

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In January I started a new, short series, on my blog called the '£25 Make Up Challenge'. I want to showcase the cheaper brands we can find in our high-street 'drugstores' or online and I kick-started it all with Avon (see the YouTube video for all the products in action).

After much thought I decided that the brand of choice for February would be 'Collection', so I trotted off to Boots to have a little mooch and see what I could lay my hands on for under £25. As I said in my previous post, I am not likely to be able to buy everything I need for that small budget but I certainly try to get as close as I can! Here is what I got this month in action (scroll below the video for more in-depth product reviews):

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'Cover & Go' Foundation and Concealer Duo, £5.99 from Boots
This foundations is available in six shades and claims to be a radiating base with sheer coverage. I totally agree with that. It is not the greatest foundation I have ever used but it certainly 'did the job' for the price. The formula was, to me, a bit strange to apply with a brush but went on okay when I used my fingers. The slightly sticky feeling whilst you apply it soon disappears as it sinks into your skin. The gimmick and selling point of this 'on the go' product is the fact that it has a concealer and mirror in the lid, allowing for quick fixes and more room in your handbag. For me, however, the concealer was a bit too dark to convincingly cover my dark circles - it did cover them, and the formula isn't terrible, but it was just too dark. The foundation shade I used was 'Light' and I would say the concealer was one and a half shades darker. Personally I need a slightly lighter concealer under my eyes. The mirror may come in handy in emergencies though! All in all I would give this product a 7 out of ten, more for the foundation then anything else.
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'Smokey Eye Palette' in Nude, £3.99 (currently £2.99) from Boots
This palette is a total bargain, let me say that first! It comes with eight shadows and one creamy highlighter (not sure about that yet!). The eye-shadows are numbered to help you get the best 'look' out of them and there is a good selection of matte, shimmer and one with more of a glitter. I like this palette for what it is, but still prefer the texture of my MUA palettes, which are softer and super cheap too. The longevity of the Collection ones are not bad, but I would like them to be a bit more pigmented, the glittery brown specifically loses its shimmer as soon as you blend it in. Over all this is good value, especially for anyone who wants to be able to create a variety of looks for less money.

'Longer Lash' Lengthening Mascara, £2.99 from Boots (sorry, can't find the link online!)
This mascara does exactly what it says on the tin - it lengthens, and for a cheap mascara it does a pretty good job! From my experience, with lower priced products, you can sometimes get too much product on the wand, which results in clumps, not with this one though. Pretty good!

Waterproof 'Fast Stroke' Eyeliner, £2.99 from Boots (no link for this either, sorry guys!)
Out of all the products I tried I would recommend this the least. It certainly isn't waterproof, but on the up side it does have a good applicator, which allows for good control and sharp lines. However, as soon as my eyes watered it broke away and left things in a bit of a mess.

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Blusher in 'Bashful', £2.99 from Boots
As blushers go this was a nice product. It has a slight luminosity to it which is quite pretty. I would recommend going a bit steady when applying this as it is very pigmented, so build it slowly! This left a nice, pinky glow on my cheeks which lasted for a few hours before it needed re-applying.

Deluxe Lipstock in 'Tallulah', £3.99 (currently £2.99) from Boots
This is my favourite product of the collection! For a cheap lippy it has a beautiful, creamy texture which is fairly long-lasting and feel lovely on the lips. I wanted to try a more pink-toned shade and this one fit the bill (although on my video it looks more baby pink, so ignore that!).

Over all, this haul came in at just under £21.00 - good value! I do like Collection as a brand, especially their concealer and nail polish - the jury is out on a couple of the things I got but over all I would say their products are a 6/7 out of 10 but that is speaking for myself and my skin type! Certainly give the eye shadows and lippy a try though, I think everyone will love those!


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