2 February 2014

Sunday Snaps!

It has been a little while since any Sunday Snaps have appeared - sorry folks - I haven't been functioning on all cylinders so things that weren't pre-scheduled just failed to happen!! Anyway, I am back with this bi-weekly feature so brace yourselves! Life hasn't offered much excitement in recent weeks, due to my operation, but here are a few little things to keep us ticking over!

 photo From-Lucy-With-Love-February-2nd-2014_zps6d78d02f.png
1. Trying to get my man to pull a sensible face is impossible - this is his version of sensible - I will live with it I guess!! / 2. I can't do a Sunday Snaps without this little monkey - my goodness Gizmo, you are so cute. / 3. After months in the freezer my hyacinths have flowered! Hooray! / 4. I got sent these beautiful roses from some work colleagues whilst I was moping about at home after my op - thanks ladies - you are the best! / 5. Erm, these are clean eating right? Everyone needs a treat! Don't judge! (You are judging aren't you?) / 6. We are making various trips to the garden centre to get our pots planted with beautiful spring flowers, today we brought some lovely pansies to go with our already planted daffodils - I am now praying that frost doesn't destroy them all. / 7. This photo serves as proof that not all of my life revolves around taking part in retirement activities! / 8. Have I ever mentioned how beautiful it is where we live? / 9. Batman, is that you? No, it's Gizmo!



  1. Aww you look like a very cute couple ^_^ and I too love retirement activities haha! xx


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