11 February 2014

Just a page of pretty things...

With Valentines Day coming up I have an excuse to talk about hearts, and I love hearts! So I thought I would put up a few of my lust-have products from Etsy! Why not eh? SO here we go!

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1. Heart initials necklace from £24.39: I adore this necklace, call me an old romantic - I just think it is so pretty and very simple. Beautiful!

2. Heart hand-knitted gloves from £30.00: I know they aren't cheap, but they are handmade and so cute! 

3. Mini heart vases from £9.38: I collect little bowls and vases like this and think these are simple but beautiful in their own right - I would cut down some spring flowers for these little cuties!

4. Heart crochet blanket from £40.66 (handmade so depends on colour way and size): When I saw this blanket it was love at first sight! I really really want one!! It comes in some lovely colour-ways and you just can't get better than a hand sewn/knitted item.

5. Gold heart mug from £10.01: Now we are getting on to the things I cannot refuse - mugs. Add in hearts, gold ones at that and you have yourself a party!

6. Striped heart print from £10.01: I really like having a variety of colourful, graphic prints around the house just to brighten up the place a bit. They are fairly easy to make yourself but if you are not feeling creative Etsy have a great selection too.

7. Heart bangle from £25.61:  ...just because!

8. iPhone case from £10.00: Stripe, check! Heart, check! Grey and yellow, check!

9. Hot water bottle from £20.00: You can find hearts anywhere and wouldn't want to cuddle up to this on a cold night?

10. Personalised heart cushion from £21.89: You can never have too many cushions right? I adore this cushion... I may prefer it without the personalised part-but I could live with it!


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