9 February 2014

Heart & Craft

Unless you have been under a rock for the past couple of weeks you will be more than aware that it is Valentines Day this Friday - yeah! Being such a big fan of anything heart shaped, this is where I really come into my own with a few ideas for the day!

Rather than making this a step by step craft project I thought I would just put a few ideas out there so you can have a play about with some basic or more detailed valentines crafts!

Heart Paper Cutters
 photo fromlucywithlove-valentines-day-crafts-garland_zpsa3e605e6.png
I have two of these lovely little devices and I use them for endless amounts of things. You can buy them from any good craft store or from eBay, which is where one of mine came from. I use the small one, which creates cut-outs about 2cm across, to make heart confetti, stick on to cards and just for generally happiness-inducing things, like putting lots of them in envelopes, so when people open their card they get a cute little surprise!

The larger one is the most useful. It makes a 4.5cm heart and I have used this in a lot of creative projects, but my favourite thing to do is to make a heart garland (as pictured above right). They are so simple to make. Just get some coloured card, cut out the number of hearts you want and sew them together with cotton, creating loops at each end so you can hang them. You can do a similar exercise to make a heart mobile- just sew them vertically and attach to something you can hang. 

With these cutters the world is your oyster! You could use them to make wedding invites - get some good quality card and cut out the heart where you want it and maybe place a photo of you both behind the heart shape. Don't waste what you have cut out though, make it into a label or something!

Simple Valentine Cards
When it comes to magazines I always have way too many laying about. I save them so I always have some interesting paper to use for a simple card. You will need a pre-made card and envelope (or you could make your own, depending on how much time you have I guess!). Then find an interesting pattern, colour or texture from your magazine. From here, either use a cutter (as above) or cut out a heart using scissors or a craft knife. I quite like the appearance of a non-perfect heart for this so don't worry about getting it symmetrical! Once you have got your heart just stick it down, write a little message on the front and you are done! 
 photo fromlucywithlove-valentines-day-crafts-cards_zps3c33764c.png

Love Print
Ok, this one is a little more complex, but it doesn't have to be - there are options! The one pictured above (left) is one I made from lino cut letters (I have cut out the entire alphabet over the years so I have them to hand). If you want to do it my way then you need the kit: lino, lino cutters, cutting board, craft knife, paints or lino inks, rollers, brushes etc. But there is an easier way!

If you are feeling crafty why not trace your letters, having printed them out from a computer, and paint the colour or texture you require? The other option is to cut them out and stick them down (may I refer you to your pile of magazines again?!). To get the effect I have created in my picture you just need to cut a letter out of a paper design (I used an off-cut from a previous project). Use a sharp knife to cut the letter so the negative that you will be using is super neat - stick it down!

I hope this post gave you a few crafty ideas - I will be posting more crafty bits and pieces (as many have you have requested) very soon and maybe even some handmade, step-by-step videos too. Please email me your crafts too - maybe you want to do a craft post for this blog? Get in touch on fromlucywithlove@outlook.com.


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