28 February 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #36

Before I launch into this weeks 'LNM' let me hang my head in shame for the distinct lack of blog action this week. It has been a little bit bonkers this end but I pinky swear to be better this week. Phew, glad that's off my chest! Let's move on...

 photo image53_zps323907fc.jpeg
This week I have been LOVING:
  • Birthday treats! This week I turned another year older and wiser and have had some lovely cards and pressies from friends, family and lovely work colleagues too. I am going to include a few of the bits and pieces in a video soon!
  • Yummy cupcakes. I guess this is sort of part of the post above but I felt like they needed a separate mention, I mean, just look at them! My mum made these, bless her cottons. They were super delicious too. Good job mother!
  • Lilac nails. I got this beautiful nail colour from Marks and Spencers and it is so gorgeous and makes me want spring to arrive quicker than ever, and it was only £3.50! Bargain. They had loads of colours too - may be making a return visit for others... 
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • TOWIE catch up time. Don't pretend you hate it! It is one of my guilty pleasures and I usually watch it when I stay away from home a couple of nights a week. I save it up to watch on my iPhone whilst I lay in bed at night. Don't judge me people!
  • Speaking of television, I really need to calm down a bit with the whole Breaking Bad thing. We started watching it recently and I cannot get enough of it - I could end up with issues! If left to my own devices I would stay on the sofa in my pj's watching the entire thing!
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • It has to be the lack of time to blog this week. Honestly, life just gets busier and busier and after a week off you just hit the ground running and have no time to look back. It felt strange after having every day to post last week and this week zilch - not even my usual Monday video. Shameful!


21 February 2014

'The Cornwall Diaries' Day Seven

 photo from-lucy-with-lovegodrevy_zpsf08d89b5.png

Our final day in Cornwall meant that we had to go and see the seal, come rain or shine, so that is what we decided to do. It was pretty rainy and dull all day long apart from when we rushed out to get to Godrevy and see the lovely little bundles of fluff! Today's video may be a short one, but it contains seals - enough cute factor to make up for everything else!

If you want to watch the other videos we did whilst we were away please head over to my YouTube Channel and catch up! Thank you for watching guys!

 photo from-lucy-with-lovegodrevy1_zps0f6d69da.png


Loving, Needing, Meh! #35

 photo image51_zps89d4e997.jpeg

This week I have been LOVING:
  • Well, it's gonna be Cornwall isn't it? Unless you have been under a rock you will know we have been here all week (home tomorrow - boo!). It has been a fab week and the weather has been ok too, given the storm we left in!
  • A bit of indulgence...a bit too much really but I will be back on the healthy wagon asap! Sometimes you have to have a little yummy food in your life and I certainly have had plenty this week. I feel half guilty and half content but I will be needing to burn this all off very fast! The hot chocolates are taking their toll on me...
  • Inspiration everywhere. One of the main reasons I enjoy going away is for fresh inspiration, whether that is for something creative or something else, it is fantastic to take some time out from home and your routine and experience something that makes you think differently and take a step back.
  • Daily 'vlogging'. Tough going but fun none the less! If you haven't seen our 'Cornwall Diaries' check them out over on my YouTube Channel!
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • As strange as this may sound - sleep. I have been up before 6am everyday due to pain and not being able to get comfortable - that sucks on holiday let me tell you!
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • Apart from the above I think there have been zero 'Meh's!' to report - good times!


'The Cornwall Diaries' Day 5/6

 photo from-lucy-with-love-sennen-cove-3_zpsc748a275.png

Day five in Cornwall was a bit of a wash-out so I decided to merge the two days together into one - here is our day five and six mash up!

With Carbis Bay train station two minutes down the hill it made perfect sense to hop on a train to St Ives on the rainy day that was Wednesday. We thought we would dive in and out of some shops and galleries and have a bite to eat. St Ives is great if you are an art lover as it has  artist studios you can walk right into. It is also the home of Tate St Ives (currently shut for refurbishment) and the Barbara Hepworth Museum. Personally I like to visit the Hepworth museum on a sunny day as it has the most lovely gardens, full of her sculpture right out there in nature as the artist intended. The home of the museum is Hepworth's old house, where she passed away in a fire years before. The light and airy space, converted into a shrine of her work and memories, is peaceful and a thrill for any fan of her work, but the highlight, for me anyway, is getting the chance to peep into her studios, re-created to look like the artist has just popped out for a second... eerie yet fascinating,

Yesterday, with sun and rain intermittent we decided to go on a bit of a road trip along the coastal road between St Ives and St Just. At about 10 miles long it is one of the most beautiful and magical roads you can drive down - a must for any Cornwall newcomer. You can pull in along the way, get out the car and hear nothing, literally (maybe the occasional 'moo' or rustling of the grass). There are old mines left crumbling, views out to the ocean and narrow lanes to explore if you are feeling particularly brave.

We pulled into Cape Cornwall to climb up to the top of the hill that juts out into the sea but has the most spectacular views...

 photo from-lucy-with-love-cape-cornwall1_zpsc0e61fe7.png

 photo from-lucy-with-love-cape-cornwall2_zps891f6467.png

As the clouds threatened we jumped back in the car and head off for warm shelter in Sennen Cove. Sennen is, by far, my absolute favourite place in West Cornwall. There is just something about the place. I enjoy it the most this time of year, when you are not fighting for a space in the car park and all you can hear is the sea. It is a place for nature and it really does see some nature as the clip below, from a couple of weeks ago proves...

 photo from-lucy-with-love-sennen-cove-1_zps8600d1c9.png

 photo from-lucy-with-love-sennen-cove-2_zps6e03cf6e.png

20 February 2014

Spring lust-haves!

I rarely buy clothes, I am more of a beauty junkie, but sometimes a girl needs a wardrobe update. With spring (hopefully) just around the corner there a few additions I would love to make to my, very lacking, spring wardrobe...

 photo from-lucy-with-love-spring-lust-haves_zps0436e3a4.png
1. Parka with detachable lining £89.99 from Zara
Ok, so this particular parka is a little expensive but I like that it has a detachable lining so you can wear it throughout the entire year - genius! I think these parkas look fab with a pair of skinny jeans, converse and a simple t-shirt or sweater - classic and waterproof!

2. Side cut out ankle boot £39.50 from Marks and Spencer
I saw these on Saturday and fell in love with them. I think they are wearable for everyday, unlike some cut-out boots I have seen which are far more dressy. They are great value too/

3. Ribbed sweater £24.00 from Topshop
I adore the colour of this sweatshirt and the other colours it comes in! It would add a great pop of colour to any outfit. Really want to get my hands on one!

4. Lipstick in 'Ditsy' £8.00 from Topshop
5. Lipstick in 'Ohh La La' £8.00 from Topshop
Topshop do some great make up and I their lipsticks come in some fantastic colours. These two would cover any look I think.

6. Tanja Burr nail polish in 'Little Duck' & 'Mini Marshmallows' £5.99 from Feel Unique
I must confess that I have two colours from the Tanja Burr nail range already, a darker, sparkly purple called 'Midnight Sparkle' and a bright, girly pink, 'Be Bright, Be Happy, Be You'...the two colours I have included here are more spring-like and very beautiful. I am a bit of nail varnish addict so I guess it won't be long until I get my paws on them!

7. Pure cotton waffle jumper £35.00 from Marks and Spencer
This pattern is not normally what I go for but I saw this in-store this week and there is just something about it that I really like.

8. Grey converse £29.99 from Schuh
I already own a pair of red converse and get good wear out of them, but there are some days you just don't want to stand out too much - for those days I think these grey ones would be ideal!

9. Chambray dress £69.95 from Joules
This classic, denim-look dress has a gorgeous red zip up the back great length sleeves for those days you need more cover up! I would get a whole lot of wear out of this but will need to wait for a sale and/or good offer before spending £70 on an everyday dress...a bit pricey Joules!

What have you got your eyes on for the spring?


19 February 2014

'The Cornwall Diaries' Day Four

 photo fromlucywithlove-Cornwall_zps3cb2b2f7.png
Having pre-booked tickets to go to The Eden Project on Monday evening we were determined to get up early and get there before the half term crowds appeared. The skies revealed a lovely blue sky and the day turned out to be just what the doctor ordered. If you haven't been to 'Eden' and you have the chance, for heavens sake, make sure you go! It is beautiful, thoughtful and one of the loveliest places I have visited. 

The details and thought put into every single little thing really blew my mind (completely). They have cute little information signs that you actually want to read and they put each area into context by placing things such as huts, artwork and tools about so you can realise the true environment of what you are seeing and imagine the people that live there. It makes you think how simply we can survive and, to be quite honest, makes you feel a bit silly for relying so heavily on all the materialistic things we have today. Cornwall makes me feel this anyway, but this place quadruples that feeling. 

Getting there early meant that, for about half an hour there was pure silence - heaven in a place like this.

I hope you like the vlog from the day, please scroll down for more images too!

 photo from-lucy-with-love-eden-project_zps8c28c8cc.png


18 February 2014

'The Cornwall Diaries' Day Three

 photo from-lucy-with-love-carbis-bay_zpsa04ac04c.png

Monday's weather here in The West was certainly not the greatest, so our vlogging was literally dampened by the rain and we were stuck in for most of the day! Tomorrow we are hoping to get to The Eden Project so hopefully it will be a bit more interesting! Anyway - onto today's 'action' (playing fast and loose with the word action!)...

As we were stuck inside I recorded a YouTube Video for my channel, the second part of a series of beauty videos I am currently doing - it was nice doing it somewhere different! When the rain stopped we stood staring out the window to see whether it looked like we had time to go for a walk - blue sky appeared so we layered up and off we went! It always seems like a waste being indoors when it is not raining, especially somewhere like this, when there are so many beautiful places everywhere you look.

Our evening was spent cooking and playing some of the games we recently discovered in the coffee table in the lounge...I haven't played Snakes and Ladders for so long! Apparently I am highly competitive when playing any game, even 'Tigger Snap' - note to self, don't play that game with children (I was yelling 'snap' scarily loud!).


17 February 2014

The £25 Make Up Challenge: February

 photo from-lucy-with-love-collection_zps458b044a.png

In January I started a new, short series, on my blog called the '£25 Make Up Challenge'. I want to showcase the cheaper brands we can find in our high-street 'drugstores' or online and I kick-started it all with Avon (see the YouTube video for all the products in action).

After much thought I decided that the brand of choice for February would be 'Collection', so I trotted off to Boots to have a little mooch and see what I could lay my hands on for under £25. As I said in my previous post, I am not likely to be able to buy everything I need for that small budget but I certainly try to get as close as I can! Here is what I got this month in action (scroll below the video for more in-depth product reviews):

 photo from-lucy-with-love-foundation_zps74511f9b.png

'Cover & Go' Foundation and Concealer Duo, £5.99 from Boots
This foundations is available in six shades and claims to be a radiating base with sheer coverage. I totally agree with that. It is not the greatest foundation I have ever used but it certainly 'did the job' for the price. The formula was, to me, a bit strange to apply with a brush but went on okay when I used my fingers. The slightly sticky feeling whilst you apply it soon disappears as it sinks into your skin. The gimmick and selling point of this 'on the go' product is the fact that it has a concealer and mirror in the lid, allowing for quick fixes and more room in your handbag. For me, however, the concealer was a bit too dark to convincingly cover my dark circles - it did cover them, and the formula isn't terrible, but it was just too dark. The foundation shade I used was 'Light' and I would say the concealer was one and a half shades darker. Personally I need a slightly lighter concealer under my eyes. The mirror may come in handy in emergencies though! All in all I would give this product a 7 out of ten, more for the foundation then anything else.
 photo from-lucy-with-love-eyes_zps6d28d94e.png

'Smokey Eye Palette' in Nude, £3.99 (currently £2.99) from Boots
This palette is a total bargain, let me say that first! It comes with eight shadows and one creamy highlighter (not sure about that yet!). The eye-shadows are numbered to help you get the best 'look' out of them and there is a good selection of matte, shimmer and one with more of a glitter. I like this palette for what it is, but still prefer the texture of my MUA palettes, which are softer and super cheap too. The longevity of the Collection ones are not bad, but I would like them to be a bit more pigmented, the glittery brown specifically loses its shimmer as soon as you blend it in. Over all this is good value, especially for anyone who wants to be able to create a variety of looks for less money.

'Longer Lash' Lengthening Mascara, £2.99 from Boots (sorry, can't find the link online!)
This mascara does exactly what it says on the tin - it lengthens, and for a cheap mascara it does a pretty good job! From my experience, with lower priced products, you can sometimes get too much product on the wand, which results in clumps, not with this one though. Pretty good!

Waterproof 'Fast Stroke' Eyeliner, £2.99 from Boots (no link for this either, sorry guys!)
Out of all the products I tried I would recommend this the least. It certainly isn't waterproof, but on the up side it does have a good applicator, which allows for good control and sharp lines. However, as soon as my eyes watered it broke away and left things in a bit of a mess.

 photo from-lucy-with-love-lips-and-cheeks_zpse246452d.png
Blusher in 'Bashful', £2.99 from Boots
As blushers go this was a nice product. It has a slight luminosity to it which is quite pretty. I would recommend going a bit steady when applying this as it is very pigmented, so build it slowly! This left a nice, pinky glow on my cheeks which lasted for a few hours before it needed re-applying.

Deluxe Lipstock in 'Tallulah', £3.99 (currently £2.99) from Boots
This is my favourite product of the collection! For a cheap lippy it has a beautiful, creamy texture which is fairly long-lasting and feel lovely on the lips. I wanted to try a more pink-toned shade and this one fit the bill (although on my video it looks more baby pink, so ignore that!).

Over all, this haul came in at just under £21.00 - good value! I do like Collection as a brand, especially their concealer and nail polish - the jury is out on a couple of the things I got but over all I would say their products are a 6/7 out of 10 but that is speaking for myself and my skin type! Certainly give the eye shadows and lippy a try though, I think everyone will love those!


'The Cornwall Diaries' Day Two

 photo From-Lucy-With-Love-Watergate-Bay_zpscea31844.png

Given what the weather has been doing in Cornwall over the last couple of weeks (see THIS video from Newlyn, just minutes up the road from where we are right now) we felt very lucky to wake up on day two to a bright sunny start. Feeling the need to stretch our legs, after a long drive the day before, we head off to Watergate Bay, just up the road from Newquay.

As you will see from our vlog, Watergate Bay has a massive beach when the tide is out - we made the mistake, last time we visited, of not checking the tide times and rocking up when the tide was all the way in - rooky mistake! We were literally stranded on a tiny piece of sand with a group of tourists who had clearly thought the same as us - 'let's go for a nice walk on the beach' - it was a long wait!

You cannot visit this place without 'accidentally' going into the restaurant on the sea front and ordering an 'extreme hot chocolate'. Now, I do like to stay healthy as a general rule, however, when I am in Cornwall, on holiday, sometimes I have to go with tradition - and these hot chocolates are tradition! It'd be rude to refuse one! They look like mini works of art when they make them, but take seconds to demolish - such a shame! It pays not to add up the calorie content...

If you want to see some photo's from yesterday then check out my Sunday Snaps Post!

Enough rambling, I hope you enjoy the video from Sunday's adventures...


16 February 2014

Sunday Snaps!

Today's Sunday Snaps had to be Cornwall themed as that is where we are! These are all photo's from today's adventures...I hope you enjoy! (PS: don't forget to check out my YouTube Channel to keep up to date with our 'Cornwall Diaries' vlog if you are interested!)

 photo From-Lucy-With-Love-February-16th_zps1f528dd6.png
1. Yummy! This is so good...it was in our 'Welcome Pack' at the apartment in Carbis Bay - I gobbled two slices of brown toast with this on this morning! / 2. This is the view out of the lounge window - so clear today, and we have the sea right there... / 3. A grand ole mirror... / 4. Selfies on Watergate Bay beach / 5. The tide is nearly out at Watergate Bay - it is such an amazing place. / 6. Let's take a photo of you taking a photo of me... / 7. Found these beauties growing right by the cliff all alone! / 8. Perfect weather for flying kites - better than last week when you would have taken off with the thing anyway! / 9. The coast path near Godrevy - the most fantastic view we have found yet.


'The Cornwall Diaries' Day One

 photo from-lucy-with-love-the-sennen-cove_zpsc1589e29.png

We are finally in Cornwall! Leaving home at 5am yesterday meant that we got here mighty early but it also meant that we missed any school holiday traffic too - bonus! After driving through extreme winds and rain we were lucky enough to have the sky clear and the sun come out as we drove the final few miles to our favourite place in the world. Although there are many towns in the county who have suffered, and are still suffering from the flooding and storm damage, it still looks as beautiful as ever here and there is always a sense of people pulling together.

We are trying to vlog our whole trip, but as yesterdays was mostly hours of driving please forgive the amount of chit chat in the car! Nothing we could do about that, but now we are here we will be getting out and about so we will take you with us as we go!

So, yesterday we were on a mission to get to our apartment for 12pm (see the video for a tour around) as we had to be somewhere at 2pm. We booked to see a wedding venue in St Just, who specialise in elopements and small weddings. 'Boho Cornwall' are a husband and wife business, set in a rugged part of the world, in an old Arts and Crafts style house. Check out their website to see more about them. When thinking about weddings I am the last person to be found getting married in a big venue, surrounded by hundreds of people. It has to be about creating memories about the two of us, making it intimate is much more 'us'. I am sure I will be blogging a bit more about all of that soon but let's just say it was perfect!

As for the rest of the day, other than fighting to keep our eyes open after the 4am start, we had lunch at one of the best restaurants in West Cornwall - The Beach, in Sennen Cove. It is a little expensive but with views like you see in the picture at the top of this post, it is worth it. Plus, it holds special memories for us.

 photo from-lucy-with-love-the-beach-restaurant_zps8c66b88f.png

 photo from-lucy-with-love-the-champers_zps7e73d69d.png
We would love it if you stayed with us this week - we will try and get our videos up daily, although they may be one day behind!


14 February 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #34

 photo image46_zps72e78ab4.jpeg

This week I have been LOVING:
  • Instagram - for fitness motivation. There are some fab people to follow, but my favourite at the moment is Kayla Instines, she's an aussie trainer who gets amazing results with her clients. I find her Instagram really inspirational - find her @kayla_instines. 
  • Having a house full of daffodils! Loving it!
  • My new 'Tanja Burr' nail colours in 'Midnight Sparkles' and 'Be Bright, Be Happy, Be You'. I need absolutely no excuse to buy more nail varnish and I had to try these in the name of research! I love both equally and really want to try the one called 'Little Duck' (at least I think that is what it is called!) - it's a gorgeous minty green. Delicious!
  • Making friends on Twitter. Recently I have had my faith restored in social media through meeting some lovely people online via Twitter (fellow bloggers that is people, keep it clean!). It has been lovely having a chat/tweet with people and realising you have things in common and share lots of interests - it has been lovely. I have also discovered one very lovely beauty blogger who only lives up the road (it's a small world!) - check her out over at 'The Curly Wurly Blog'. 
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • Furniture bargains! Our house is in need of a few more furniture bits and pieces at the moment - our lounge is all comfy at one end and like a ballroom at the other, there is even an echo if you sit on the right part of the sofa and talk loudly! I want to rejuvenate some more wooden bits and pieces too, I caught the bug when I did the chest of drawers recently. It is great to personalise things for your house - you know they are going to be unique and that you are potentially saving something from being thrown in the skip.
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • I know this is very British of me but it has to be this weather. It has not stopped raining for weeks! Maybe I should be breaking down the furniture I lay my hands on an building an Ark? Whenever Joe and I decide to go somewhere these days it seems effected by the weather - our Edinburgh trip was cut short by a whole day thanks to a storm and now our Cornwall trip is looking rather soggy too. Never mind - it'll be great to get away regardless!


11 February 2014

Just a page of pretty things...

With Valentines Day coming up I have an excuse to talk about hearts, and I love hearts! So I thought I would put up a few of my lust-have products from Etsy! Why not eh? SO here we go!

 photo from-lucy-with-love-etsy-love_zps07fb6195.png

1. Heart initials necklace from £24.39: I adore this necklace, call me an old romantic - I just think it is so pretty and very simple. Beautiful!

2. Heart hand-knitted gloves from £30.00: I know they aren't cheap, but they are handmade and so cute! 

3. Mini heart vases from £9.38: I collect little bowls and vases like this and think these are simple but beautiful in their own right - I would cut down some spring flowers for these little cuties!

4. Heart crochet blanket from £40.66 (handmade so depends on colour way and size): When I saw this blanket it was love at first sight! I really really want one!! It comes in some lovely colour-ways and you just can't get better than a hand sewn/knitted item.

5. Gold heart mug from £10.01: Now we are getting on to the things I cannot refuse - mugs. Add in hearts, gold ones at that and you have yourself a party!

6. Striped heart print from £10.01: I really like having a variety of colourful, graphic prints around the house just to brighten up the place a bit. They are fairly easy to make yourself but if you are not feeling creative Etsy have a great selection too.

7. Heart bangle from £25.61:  ...just because!

8. iPhone case from £10.00: Stripe, check! Heart, check! Grey and yellow, check!

9. Hot water bottle from £20.00: You can find hearts anywhere and wouldn't want to cuddle up to this on a cold night?

10. Personalised heart cushion from £21.89: You can never have too many cushions right? I adore this cushion... I may prefer it without the personalised part-but I could live with it!


10 February 2014

YouTube Video: February's 'You Beauty Discovery Box'

This month's beauty box arrived last Friday and it has to be the best yet! I won't waffle on about how it works because I mention it every month, so just click here to read more about the 'You Beauty Discovery Box'.

 photo from-lucy-with-love-february-beauty-box1_zpsb00f95d3.png
This month I chose things that were all make up related as for the last couple I have had a whole bunch of skincare or hair care products, and I am over the moon with my little lot! To find out more please check out my YouTube video below and/or scroll down for a more detail write-up!

So, the two products I actually ordered for my February box were the Pixi 'Flawless & Poreless Primer' (full price £20.50) and the Teeez 'Desert Metals' Mascara (full price £13.95). With all of the hype around pore minimizing face primers I thought I would have a go at something that I haven't seen before. I mentioned in my last YouTube video that I am not great with face primers, my skin just doesn't fair too well with them. I brought a Clinique one several years ago that was meant to hide my pores - all it did was make them the worse I had ever seen, so you may understand my skepticism!

The primer itself looks flesh coloured but goes on transparent, so would suit any skin tone. Initially it felt a bit sticky but soon made my skin feel velvety soft and ready for foundation which applied perfectly over the top. I wouldn't say that it initially look any different immediately after application but I think the primer did help my make up to 'sit' better and it didn't move all day long! Happy bunny!

 photo from-lucy-with-love-february-beauty-box2_zps9f0438b8.pngNow, on to my favourite new discovery! I hadn't heard of the brand 'Teeez' (yep, it has three 'e's!) but from testing this mascara I will certainly be looking into more products. I am super fussy with mascara, they just don't do the right thing by my lashes (which, in case you were wondering, are short and straight and point floorwards!). This mascara went on beautifully and is, by far, the best mascara I have ever tried - that is a proper statement right there.

The formula is amazing and glides on so easily. What I liked is that I could apply a second or third coat effortlessly, without clumping or the feeling that you are dragging the wand through your lashes. It stays put really well (even through a workout) and is easy to remove with regular make up remover - what more could you ask for! Honestly, try it!

The freebies in the box were a lovely, dark chocolate orange treat (sorry, no photo...someone ate them....!). There was also a Charles Worthington 'Volume & Bounce' hair treatment, which I am yet to try out, but cannot wait! It claims to make your hair super voluminous and 'full'. It applies like a conditioner and then you are told to blow dry your hair upside down (for best results)...may have to take a picture of that, my hair goes a little crazy on ordinary 'drying upside down days'!!

Do you guys get a beauty box? If so, which one and how do you rate it? Let me know by commenting below.


9 February 2014

Heart & Craft

Unless you have been under a rock for the past couple of weeks you will be more than aware that it is Valentines Day this Friday - yeah! Being such a big fan of anything heart shaped, this is where I really come into my own with a few ideas for the day!

Rather than making this a step by step craft project I thought I would just put a few ideas out there so you can have a play about with some basic or more detailed valentines crafts!

Heart Paper Cutters
 photo fromlucywithlove-valentines-day-crafts-garland_zpsa3e605e6.png
I have two of these lovely little devices and I use them for endless amounts of things. You can buy them from any good craft store or from eBay, which is where one of mine came from. I use the small one, which creates cut-outs about 2cm across, to make heart confetti, stick on to cards and just for generally happiness-inducing things, like putting lots of them in envelopes, so when people open their card they get a cute little surprise!

The larger one is the most useful. It makes a 4.5cm heart and I have used this in a lot of creative projects, but my favourite thing to do is to make a heart garland (as pictured above right). They are so simple to make. Just get some coloured card, cut out the number of hearts you want and sew them together with cotton, creating loops at each end so you can hang them. You can do a similar exercise to make a heart mobile- just sew them vertically and attach to something you can hang. 

With these cutters the world is your oyster! You could use them to make wedding invites - get some good quality card and cut out the heart where you want it and maybe place a photo of you both behind the heart shape. Don't waste what you have cut out though, make it into a label or something!

Simple Valentine Cards
When it comes to magazines I always have way too many laying about. I save them so I always have some interesting paper to use for a simple card. You will need a pre-made card and envelope (or you could make your own, depending on how much time you have I guess!). Then find an interesting pattern, colour or texture from your magazine. From here, either use a cutter (as above) or cut out a heart using scissors or a craft knife. I quite like the appearance of a non-perfect heart for this so don't worry about getting it symmetrical! Once you have got your heart just stick it down, write a little message on the front and you are done! 
 photo fromlucywithlove-valentines-day-crafts-cards_zps3c33764c.png

Love Print
Ok, this one is a little more complex, but it doesn't have to be - there are options! The one pictured above (left) is one I made from lino cut letters (I have cut out the entire alphabet over the years so I have them to hand). If you want to do it my way then you need the kit: lino, lino cutters, cutting board, craft knife, paints or lino inks, rollers, brushes etc. But there is an easier way!

If you are feeling crafty why not trace your letters, having printed them out from a computer, and paint the colour or texture you require? The other option is to cut them out and stick them down (may I refer you to your pile of magazines again?!). To get the effect I have created in my picture you just need to cut a letter out of a paper design (I used an off-cut from a previous project). Use a sharp knife to cut the letter so the negative that you will be using is super neat - stick it down!

I hope this post gave you a few crafty ideas - I will be posting more crafty bits and pieces (as many have you have requested) very soon and maybe even some handmade, step-by-step videos too. Please email me your crafts too - maybe you want to do a craft post for this blog? Get in touch on fromlucywithlove@outlook.com.


7 February 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #33

 photo image45_zps2451d67e.jpeg
This week I have been LOVING:
  • Being back at work! Yep, you heard that right. I am not good at sitting. Sitting is in the 'Meh!' category for me. Having been off for about three weeks to recover I was ready to be social again and it felt good to see everyone and get back to the routine of work and life. I don't know about you but routine is so vital to me, if it is all over the place I cease to function correctly!
  • The first sight of spring. There are new shoots coming up everywhere and brand new, bright green little flower heads poking up through the soil in my pots (please frost, leave them be). Spring and autumn are my favourite seasons. Daffodils in the shops spark that 'fresh start' feeling and fills me with hope of a new and exciting time in my life and I love it! I am just waiting for that day when I step outside my front door and take a deep breath and smell spring in the air - do you know the type of day I mean? You can smell a new beginning, a freshness to the day that is so inspiring. You cannot beat it.
  • Thoughts of Cornwall. In one week Joe and I are off to Cornwall on a mission (I will let you in on the secret soon!). I haven't been for a year and it is my favourite place in the world. I am hoping that this drowning rain we are having will subside, but if it doesn't it's alright. I cannot wait to sip 'extreme hot chocolate' in Watergate Bay, have a yummy lunch in 'Sennen Cove' and see the seals at 'Godrevy'. It is my spiritual home and I adore it there.
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • Crafting time! I have an urge to make things most of the time but right now I am craving the chance to have a paint brush in my hand or a furniture make-over project on the go. I want to sit out in the fresh air and draw and splash watercolours about like a child. 
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • As I type this it has just gone 5am. Today I work from home and don't actually need to pull my body from my warm bed until at least 7.45am. But, on the one day I don't need to get up by 5am, here I am, cup of tea next to me, wide awake downstairs! Typical. I woke up in agony in my neck, collarbone and back today. It is healing but it goes through stages of feeling like this - maybe it can reconsider either not doing this at all or doing it on days that my alarm is going off at 5?


4 February 2014

The Liebster Award 2014!

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The lovely Ceri from 'The Curly Wurly Blog' nominated my blog for a 'Liebster Award' on Friday - thanks Ceri! I have to be 100% honest here and say that, until Friday, I had absolutely no idea what this award was...is that terrible? Maybe it is, because it is ruddy awesome!

What is the Liebster Award?
Having done some (much needed) research, I feel informed enough to tell you a little about it. The Liebster Award is pretty big in the blogging community and is there to give some recognition to new blogs and spread the word about blogging! There are a few rules that nominees must follow, and they are:
- You must link back to the person/people who nominated you.
- You must answer the 11 questions given to you.
- You cannot nominate the person who nominated you.
- You must pick nominees with under 200 followers to answer your questions.
- You must tell the nominees they have been nominated by you.

So, here goes...
Here are the questions that I was set by Ceri:

1. What inspired you to start blogging?
I started blogging in 2009, during the last year of my Fine Art degree. I wanted to keep a log of some of the work I was doing, galleries I was visiting and have a place for others to go to view my work. In 2011 I started a second blog, which was a more personal one, called ' A Girl Called Lucy'. After realising the difficulties in running two blogs together I decided to merge them and add other things I was interested in talking about. So, on a holiday in Cornwall, just under a year ago, 'From Lucy With Love' was born. Everything and anything can inspire me to blog and I love putting all of the things that interest me on here, whether that is art, beauty, hair, photo's or lifestyle - it is a place for all of my favourite things!

2. What do you want to achieve in 2014?
Blogging wise I would like to create a few more changes in the overall design of my blog to make it an easier place to navigate around as well as somewhere that is aesthetically pleasing to visit. I also want to continue setting up my Etsy store (launching soon) and add a tab to my blog that takes people through to that. On top of these things I am looking to make my YouTube Channel a better place - creating new and interesting content for people to enjoy. Oh, and I would also like to get much better at vlogging! (and breathe!)

3. What is your one beauty must-have?
Right now it is my Liz Earle 'Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser', it is the best cleanser I have used and I keep going back to it. I love how it smells, removes all my make up and helps control break outs - if you haven't tried it, then you should!

4. What beauty products are at the top of your wish-list at the moment?
So many! I would love to get my hands on the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Serum, anything from Origins, a Mac palette of any description (I have never owned anything from Mac - shocking right?!), Nars Creamy Concealer, some Bumble and Bumble hair products... shall I go on???

5. What are your favourite types of blogs to read?
My Bloglovin' list is a total mish-mash of blogs. I think I enjoy anything that has it's own voice. There is a lot of the same thing out there so if someone can grab my attention and actually make me want to come back again and again then that is great! I like to read things that are written from the heart and with passion. On top of beauty blogs I really enjoy reading about craft and handmade/restoration projects, so when I find a good blog that posts about these things I am automatically hooked!

6. Have you ever had any make up disasters, and if so, tell us what they were.
Probably hundreds! I like to think that I haven't had any recently, but as a teenager I am sure there were a few - luckily for me I can't remember!

7. What's your favourite song at the moment?
This is so hard because my music taste is so varied! I have Metallica on my playlist next to Tom Odell - so you can see that this question is a struggle! I can't answer this!! It is impossible!

8. What things make you want to follow a blog on Bloglovin'?
Like I said above, a good looking blog, with great photos and a unique voice is bound to make me follow. It is also nice to follow a brand new blog and see how it develops...so I always add new bloggers too. Bloglovin' is the only way I can keep up with everything as it is so time consuming to look up every blog you like! It is such a great inspiration so I add loads of blogs to mine all the time!

9. Have you ever brought anything because of a review another blogger wrote?
Guilty as charged. Recommendations are the best way to buy in my opinion. I watch a lot of YouTube videos by beauty bloggers so there is bound to be an influence! I am easily swayed to buy something if I see a lot of people like it.

10. How would you describe your make up look?
I really like playing up my eyes as a daily 'look'. I love winged eye-liner and just a fairly neutral or faintly stained lip. But I really enjoy trying different things so would say that day to day I will change something - but we always go back to our faves don't we?!

11. Who is your current favourite blogger?
Another difficult one to answer because this depends on my mood. A lifestyle blog that I have enjoyed from the very start of my blogging days is 'Love Taza' (was 'Rock Star Diaries'), craft wise it would have to be 'Live It, Love It, Make It' and beauty wise I am enjoying several, including 'I Covett Thee', 'Bonjour Luce' and lovely Ceri's 'The Curly Wurly Blog' of course! 

My Nominated Blogs:
'Laydey Katabella' - you can find her on Twitter @laydeykatabella
'Make Up Road' - Natalia can be found on Twitter @MakeupRoadBlog

My questions to my nominees are:
1. Why did you decide to start blogging?
2. What are your favourite things about keeping your blog and why?
3. Do you watch and /or make YouTube videos? If so, why did you start/who is your favourite YouTuber?
4. What are your 'top 5' all time favourite make up products?
5. Who is your style icon and why?
6. Who is your current favourite blogger and why?
7. What do you do to find inspiration for your blog?
8. Describe your perfect Sunday...
9. What are your goals for 2014, blogging or otherwise!
10. What are your top three high-street clothes stores?
11. What is your guilty pleasure?

There you go ladies, it's all yours! Let me know when you have answered the questions and chosen who to nominate!


3 February 2014

YouTube Video: January Favourites 2014

 photo fromlucywithlove-Favourites-January-2014a_zps1da46265.png
A slightly late January favourites for you guys today! I seem to have had a hair care take-over this month on my mission to find the products that make my hair feel super clean and super soft! I have also been trying a couple of new foundations, as my old ones have come to the end of their life or don't match my current ghost-like complexion! 

What have been your top products so far this year? Let me know if you have any recommendations.


2 February 2014

Sunday Snaps!

It has been a little while since any Sunday Snaps have appeared - sorry folks - I haven't been functioning on all cylinders so things that weren't pre-scheduled just failed to happen!! Anyway, I am back with this bi-weekly feature so brace yourselves! Life hasn't offered much excitement in recent weeks, due to my operation, but here are a few little things to keep us ticking over!

 photo From-Lucy-With-Love-February-2nd-2014_zps6d78d02f.png
1. Trying to get my man to pull a sensible face is impossible - this is his version of sensible - I will live with it I guess!! / 2. I can't do a Sunday Snaps without this little monkey - my goodness Gizmo, you are so cute. / 3. After months in the freezer my hyacinths have flowered! Hooray! / 4. I got sent these beautiful roses from some work colleagues whilst I was moping about at home after my op - thanks ladies - you are the best! / 5. Erm, these are clean eating right? Everyone needs a treat! Don't judge! (You are judging aren't you?) / 6. We are making various trips to the garden centre to get our pots planted with beautiful spring flowers, today we brought some lovely pansies to go with our already planted daffodils - I am now praying that frost doesn't destroy them all. / 7. This photo serves as proof that not all of my life revolves around taking part in retirement activities! / 8. Have I ever mentioned how beautiful it is where we live? / 9. Batman, is that you? No, it's Gizmo!

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