18 January 2014

The £25 Make Up Challenge - January

If you saw a recent post about the '£25 Make Up Challenge' then you will know that once a month, for a few months, I am going to try to create as much of a full face of make up that I can, from one budget brand, for £25 (don't judge if I go a wee bit over budget people!).

This months brand is Avon. Yep, you heard it right, Avon. I know that this brand is still trying to shake off its 'old lady' image, but I am here to tell you that they have really upped their game on the make up front! Honest. The good thing about Avon is that they do some amazing money-off deals, plus they have their cheaper products, aimed at the teenage market, as well as their more luxury options which, in my humble opinion, are just as good as some of the higher end things I have tried over the years.

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This foundation is currently just £7.00 (full price £12.00) and is, in my view, an absolute bargain at that price! As the name suggests, this foundation is 'invisible' on the skin, in as much as it is weightless, light and super blend-able. The shade 'Nude' is a touch too dark for me but, using a buffing brush (Real Techniques), it seamlessly melts into my skin and, when worked into my neck, is undetectable. I hate buying new foundation with a passion, mostly because a lot of products I buy end up sinking into my rather obvious nose pores and emphasise their presence in a way I really don't appreciate. This product goes on like a dream and only shifts slightly throughout the day. It gives a beautiful, dewy glow, without looking oily and to top everything off my other half said my skin was looking really good - proving this stuff is clearly a wonder product! 

Another one on offer. Usually £6.50, this blusher was just £4.00, and worth every penny. This, by far, is my new favourite blusher in my collection. I love, love, love this! This beautiful peachy-pink blush really does make your cheeks 'luminous' in a way that I have not experienced with another blusher. I honestly adore this formula. It is soft to apply, and, if you use a brush that doesn't pick up too much product in one go, it layers up wonderfully. It is like Avon have mixed my favourite highlighter (Mary-Lou Manizer by The Balm) and a really good, high-end, blush together and made this - it is as good as any expensive blush I have used, really beautiful (have I said that?). I will certainly be buying a couple more shades. Oh, and it lasts all day too, what a bonus!

At £3.00 I wasn't really expecting this to be out of this world, and, to be honest, it isn't amazing, but it isn't terrible either. It reminds me a bit of being a teenager again, when I had my first few bits of make up. I owned one of these concealer sticks that looks like a lipstick then! This product is definitely a no-go on the under-eye area, I tried it in the name of research, and it was crease central! I did manage to cover a spot though and this worked fairly well. The wear was not fantastic as I had to touch it up a few hours later and the formula is fairly thick so it was never invisible. It reminds me a bit of the Rimmel 'Hide the Blemish' concealer stick, which does a similar job. For a quick cover up product for your handbag it would be fine, but day to day I think it would be a tad too heavy for my skin.

I love wearing gold on my eyes, especially when I wear a brighter lip, but I don't always find a shade that I really like. They can be a bit too yellow for my skin-tone and I never quite fall in love with the way they look, however, I have to say that this jumbo, super-soft, eye shadow pencil surpassed my expectations! The shade is perfect, not too glittery, just the right amount of shimmer and amazing staying power. I scribbled it effortlessly all over my lid and quickly blended it out using my finger and it stayed all day! I also lined under my eye with it and it looked really pretty. Very impressed! The price point didn't make it any more affordable than its competitors, like the Rimmel Scandeleyes Shadow Stick, which is £4.49, (it comes in at £6.00) but it is worth it, in-fact, I may even go as far as to say I prefer the Avon version!

Now, I love a freebie, and this was a good one! Usually priced at £8.50, I had this chucked in when I brought the shadow stick (mentioned above). This mascara is a volumising and plumping product which works well from the word go, when most mascaras need a week or two to get the right consistency (do you know what I mean?). It performs well when built up over two or three coats but makes a good impact with just one. It has a large, plastic wand (I know not everyone likes a plastic wand!) which allows you to really get the product into the roots and comb through the lashes effectively - I like it!

Due to my restricted budget this was my only lip option. At £3.75 I was thinking it was going to be horrendous. When it arrived I was a little shocked about the colour, as it didn't look like it did online (problem with online shopping huh?!), but when I tried it on it was quite nice. The consistency is creamy and rich but, if I'm honest, a little too heavy for me. If you have any dry patches on your lips then this product is not very forgiving, I think this is one for the good lip days! That aside I was relatively happy with this. The colour was not very vivid but it is not like anything else I own already, pushing me a bit out of my comfort zone! Look out for the video to see this in action!

I will be filming a 'Get Ready With Me - £25 Make Up Challenge' video to go with this post so please 'Subscribe' to my YouTube Channel, or my Google+ account to stay 'bang up-to-date'! I will show you what I did with the products and talk in more detail about how they apply and, more importantly, how they wear throughout the day. But for now, here is a little written review for you about what I brought and my initial thoughts on each product (I have linked them too so you can get your hands on them quicker!)*.

*Just a quick disclaimer to say that this post is not a sponsored post. I have purchased all the products mentioned with my own money and all opinions are my own, good or bad!


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