17 January 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #30

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This week I have been LOVING:

  • My lovely friends. As I mentioned in last weeks 'LNM' I have had a little operation on my collarbone (for more info, if you really want it, see this video), anyway, it is really, really painful (hence I am dictating this post to my other half, Joe!) and it is making me feel a tad grumpy and emotional. But I have been cheered up by several bunches of flowers and lovely cards that have turned up to the house since the op. Thank you to everyone who sent flowers, little notes, Facebook messages or texts, it means a lot and has cheered me up a great deal. My lovely best friend, Lois, has also been supplying me with magazines, which is amazing - a great distraction!
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • To get out the house. Since my op (last Thursday) I have not been out the house once. I feel really vulnerable and worried that someone will bash in to me and open the stitches up. A week in and I am starting to feel like I may need some oxygen! I am not too good at being home for long stretches of time and I am even worse at resting - not that I have had a choice!
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • Not being able to film for YouTube! I am really missing it and have lots of ideas ready to film and get up on my channel. I know it won't be too much longer but it is frustrating me! I should have pre-scheduled more! Never mind, this rest time has allowed me to read magazines and note ideas and inspirations etc - all a positive thing really!


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  1. Hope you're feeling much better soon! Copious amounts of magazines are always a nice distraction when poorly :)

    kttwlk x


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