3 January 2014

Loving, Needing, Meh! #28

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So, another year is through, and what a year. I can say that 2013 was one of the toughest little journeys I have been on. That makes it sound like it was horrific, which it wasn't, but it was a year of growth and forming an understanding of who I am and what I can do (and not do) - that may sound cheesy, but when life throws you lemons, and you are still standing, you simply HAVE to learn from it. No point in standing still and not developing as a person. Anyway, on to this weeks LNM:

This week I have been LOVING:
  • Sleepovers. Despite a long old few weeks of illness (and, my God, it was LONG!)-New Years Eve was a quiet, but nice event, spent with two (now three actually) of my closet friends. With a sleepy night spent trying to stay awake to watch the fireworks and a long, lazy breakfast the following morning, it was just what the doctor ordered. Thanks old chums x
  • A little Aveda experience. So, long over due a hair cut, I trundled in to the hair salon in my local Health Club, which just so happens to be an 'Aveda' branded haven. Having been loyal to Tony & Guy my entire life I felt a little like I was cheating but as soon as my lovely new hair dresser uttered the words '...free shoulder massage before we shampoo...' I had forgotten all about my lasting love for... what were their names again? oh yeah, Tony  and someone... I can highly recommend the brand for its general experience and, for the first time ever, I didn't return home to immediately wash lots of greasy hair products out of my mane, big 'tick' to Aveda (and it smells like Heaven in there!).
  • Early Spring cleaning. My craft room/office space had become a general dumping ground for all things glittery on the run up to Christmas and all my half made cards and odds and ends of gingham ribbons were strewn all over the place. Thanks to a day (yep, an entire day) of cleaning and ruthlessly throwing away what I didn't need to keep 'just in case', I have a haven again. My aim is to have and maintain a space that I feel inspired to blog in and can film my YouTube videos in, so I am not clogging up the whole house. I think I am almost there - maybe one trip to Ikea will help...
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • New legs! Pathetic I know, but I have switched up my gym training a bit so that the intensity is higher and this involved me battering my legs (alongside what felt like everything else) last Friday. By Sunday my calves hurt SO much that even standing upright was excruciating. I could not have my feet flat to the floor without wincing for several minutes first - not to mention I was walking like John Wayne without said horse...embarrassing. Oh, by the way - I did it all again today. 
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • This week I have started to try and figure out my new HD camera that I received for Christmas. So, I filmed a video, which I then transferred to my computer - all looked fine (well, other than my face in HD of course - I have wrinkles there???) Anyhoo - then, somewhat lacking in the software department, I transfer my video to Windows Live Movie Maker/Player (whatever the devil it is called!). I spend a couple of hours editing it and then render it for YouTube - well, holy-moly - the finished result was me looking like I had filmed after being Tangoed... I was orangey-brown, as was everything else. Awful. Turns out that Windows Live Movie whatsit can't handle HD then. All sorted now with something else, but heavens, that was a stress fest!


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