21 January 2014

Give It Some 'Oomph!' - My Favourite Volumising Hair Products

I have never been a girl who lusts after mega-volume in her hair, thinking that I would end up looking more like an extra from Dallas (circa 1978) than one of those sexy surf types that has hair to die for, full of texture and lift (grr!). However, more recently, the texture of my hair has changed and it now leans more towards being flat than full of life and bouncy (maybe that is since I hit my 30's? I don't know!)

Volumising products on the high-street have a tendency to make my hair sticky and greasy and looking far from the full, glossy mane I am after. However, recently, I think I have found some of the best, most reliable products for my hair type (oily at the roots and dry at the end). I thought I would write a quick blog post to tell you about them. If you would like me to do a YouTube 'How to use...' video please comment on this post or send me a Tweet!

Moving on to the products...

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Label M 'Style Resurrection Dust': The easiest way to describe this product is 'backcomb in a bottle'. I must admit that when I first purchased this small, powder-filled bottle, I really didn't 'get it'. It was one of those post-haircut purchases. You know the ones. Your stylist has made you look fabulous with it and sold it to you as something that is fuss free to use and will instantly re-create what they have constructed on your head. Hmmm... A couple of years later I have rediscovered this little gem and now I love it and here's why; it injects enough life in to 'second day hair' to get by, it gives volume and texture and is great for helping out with messy up-dos too! 

How to: Simply lift up some underneath sections of hair and lightly sprinkle in at the roots. Once you have done this in all the places you want lift just massage it in to the scalp and watch as texture and volume appears! It is more of a matte finish, so end with some shine spray if you are after a glossy look.

A quick word of warning: do not apply too close to the top of your head, near your parting. If you go a little 'sprinkle crazy' it won't look good! Keep it underneath, out of view. The good thing about this product is if your 'look' starts to fall a tad flat throughout the day you can just re-massage the scalp and it lifts again. Simple!

Bumble and Bumble 'Thickening Hairspray': I feel like I am cheating a little with this product as I didn't technically purchase it, I got it free on a magazine, but that is not the point - it's darn good! I was a little suspicious when I read that you spray it onto damp hair - it's hairspray - why would you do that! Anyhoo, I persevered, and after making the same mistake as I did with the above product (going a little loopy at the top of my head - mess central!) I have mastered it. This little beauty claims to give any hair type a lift as well as just being a general all-round setting spray, and it is just that. It also comes in various sizes and, therefore, price ranges,  allowing you to give it a good try before buying the big bottle. It does last a while though, I only have the 50ml, which I have used on and off since the summer. Good value!

How to: After towel drying my shampooed and conditioned mane, I tip my head upside down and lightly spray from roots to ends. With my head returned to upright (!) I then section off the very top layer, to get it out of the way, and spray the product through the rest of the hair and then comb and style. I usually use an oil on the ends of my hair just to add a bit of extra shine.

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L'Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray 'Very Volume': Sometimes, when you're in a rush, you just need to wash, spray and go. Elnett is, by far, the best hairspray I have ever used. This specific one has added technology (Pro-Keratin) which adds extra strength and volume and, let me say, it works! One little spray and my hair stays put! I use this sometimes after I have backcombed my hair using the Babyliss Backcombing Brush and just spray a teeny amount of hairspray onto the backcombed area before teasing it into place using my fingers. This is a staple hair styling product for sure.

Leo Bancroft 'Perfectly Volumised' Volume Boost Mousse: I know mousse is bit retro these days, but if you find a good-un' I think it is one of the best things to add volume and bounce to mid/long hair. What I look for in a mousse (can't believe I said that!) is one that is light in texture/formula and doesn't weigh down my hair, also one that can add both shine and lift. Leo Bancroft is a brand that you will only find in Tesco's stores but it is affordable and there is often really good deals on too (a lot of two for £6.00 across the range). I use two other Leo Bancroft hair products and I love them both and will certainly be trying out more from the range.

How too: I towel dry as mentioned above then work small amounts of the products into the roots and mid lengths of my hair. The bottle says to really work it into the roots and scalp, so I do what the bottle says, it knows best! I think it is a common theme across most hair products not to over load the roots with products and this is no different. Use it sparingly and follow the instructions and you can't go wrong. I honestly think this is a wonderful budget buy.

If you have any high-street hair products you cannot live without please let me know what they are and I will give them a shot and a review right here, just comment below!


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