2 December 2013

Sunday Snaps...on a Monday (oops!)

So, this week has been insane! Craft fairs and work events galore have made me behind my blogging schedule (I have slapped my own wrist don't you worry!) - apologies for the lateness, please forgive me! Here are the newly titles (for one week only!) 'Sunday Snaps...on a Monday!':
 photo 1st-dec_zps087cf779.png
1. My little craft table at this years Salesian College Christmas Market. / 2. This new little reindeer was purchased at the Christmas Fair I organise through work and was created by some of our students to help raise some money - gorgeous little thing! / 3. Joe and I pre Christmas tree putting uppering (yep, that's a phrase!) / 4. 50p each for these knitted snowmen! How cute are they? Not sure where to put them yet so they are living in their heart boat! / 5. Mum brought us this gorgeous wooden snowman from a stall that was next to mine at Salesian College - I felt sorry for him because he has a crack in one side, but he also has the cutest twig nose! / 6. This picture needs no words! / 7. This is Joes 'I'm gunna build my woman a tree' face. / 8. Just like that, it was complete! / 9. I love Christmas! (and all things shiny!).


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