29 December 2013

Sunday Snaps!

 photo 29th-Dec-13_zpsd1c19ca5.png
1. We were hit with some pretty powerful wind and rain here in the South West recently and I had the pleasure of driving on the motorway for a whole hour through it all. Before you ask, no, I did not have my head hanging out the window throughout - this was me walking/getting blown by the wind, from car to front door! (There are much worse pictures!) / 2. This was a gift to Joe from Father Christmas (who else?!) - pretty cool too, well done Santa, you're the best! / 3. Christmas dinner time! You just gotta have crackers! I know they are normally rubbish, but it's a must to feel festive. Plus, where would we all be without the silly paper hat? / 4. Speaking of silly paper hat... / 5. This is me, attempting to look like I know what I am doing playing Guitar Hero Metallica! / 6. Christmas morning family photo. / 7. Post Christmas clean up - green tea time. / 8. We can't have a Sunday Snaps without its most famous resident can we? / 9. A stripey me.


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