4 December 2013

November Favourites

I don't really know where the months are running away to, but here we are again at another 'Favourites' video up on my YouTube Channel - oh my! This month is a variety pack of products I have been enjoying as the weather has turned colder and my skin has turned....well, strange!

I am going to film my 'Top 5' series for every week in December, which will focus on my top 5 skincare, make-up, hair care and nail care picks. The products will mostly be high-street purchases (drugstore) so should cover every budget! I am looking forward to getting them filmed and up, despite my recent battles with winter lighting and my ever failing camera! With a new shiny one being packed onto Santa's sleigh very soon I am sure to look less scary (or maybe more scary, thanks to HD)!

Enough rambling, enjoy my November Favourites - don't forget to subscribe and 'like' the video! Get in tough via the medium of social media too, I would love to chat! (Click on the yellow icons in the right side bar for easy access straight to me!)


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