13 December 2013

Loving, Needing, Meh! #25

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This week I have been LOVING:
  • A bit of late night Christmas shopping - oh yeah! I was staying at home with my mum and dad for a couple of nights this week and had to drop my mum off at a little Christmas 'do' so thought it only right that I skipped off to Marks and Spencer to do a bit of 'browsing' for pressies. I really enjoyed wandering about later in the evening actually, it felt kind of magical to me. I accidentally brought a new handbag too. I have buyers remorse though because this is not the time of year to treat yourself is it? Just as I was about to put it back I bumped in to someone I know who swiftly informed me that every Christmas she buys herself a present and wraps it up, 'from Santa', as a treat for herself for getting through the year. Not being one to trample other peoples traditions I jumped on board. Happy Christmas Lucy, have a handbag! (In my defense I have one handbag, which my best friend brought me over 4 years ago and is looking a bit old now - so, to sum up...I have a new one!)
  • This week I finally got to meet my besties first born, little Janey-Anne. I had a little cuddle too, which was lovely. I have never held a brand new and shiny baby before and immediately thought I would squish her by accident, but you'll be happy to hear that she is in one piece! Gorgeous little bean!
  • My new audio book. Because I have a little bit of a trek to work these days I sometimes get a bit bored of the radio, so I downloaded a book that, quite frankly, could have gone either way. It is called 'The Power of Now' and is super interesting. I can't possibly do it justice by trying to explain it here, but if you are into the slightly more philosophical read (or listen!) then definitely give it a go. It is full of rather deep and profound ideas, but just thinking about some of the things mentioned really helps put things into perspective.
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • To slow things down a notch. I have booked some time off, over the Christmas holidays, and am going to try and take things in my head back to a 'normal' place. You know what it is like when you are super busy and rushing about, it's as if your brain takes on a life of its own, running a full speed, with whirring thoughts and mental 'to-do' lists whizzing about. If there is a time of year to bring a little re-focus to proceedings, then it is right now. I spoke to someone, fairly recently, about chakra clearing and am seriously thinking of giving it a pop. I know it's not everyone's bag, but I find these things fascinating. I will report back!
This weeks 'MEH'!:
  • This week has been a full of lots of mini-mehs! Get ready... no heating, leaky radiators, VERY burnt cheese on toast, tomato ketchup (brand new and unopened) growing what can only be described as a beard from its cap when we went to open it for the first time, 12 water bottles rolling around outside the front door when the packaging gave up on life, bruised legs from bashing in to various objects, poor Joe taking 5 hours to get home because of a closed road... that'll do for now!


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