17 November 2013

Sunday Snaps!

 photo 17thnov_zpsfef38fcd.png
1. Trying, but failing, to take a sensible photo for a YouTube video / 2. Autumn is officially here and it has brought the fog! Somehow it still looks gorgeous here though! / 3. A gift from Joe... how cute! They are super fluffy on the inside! Find them HERE! / 4. A very over-worked Gizmo takes a nap / 5. Christmas has come ever so slightly early in our house! These two cuties, from Next, joined us last weekend - we didn't want to wait until December to display them. They are adorable and have individual name tags sewn onto their bottoms! / 6. An attempted 'selfie' with Joe (who appears to be attempting to hide behind my head!) / 7. This Saturday we went to The Odeon cinema in Salisbury to see 'Gravity' - this is the entrance - so impressive huh?! / 8. 3D time!  / 9. Gizmo singing along to 'Planet Rock'! 


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