3 November 2013

Sunday Snaps!

It has been a little while since one of these appeared, sorry about that! Here is a little photo round up of what has been happening over the past few weeks... I upload photo's regularly on my Facebook Page, so please head over there and hit the 'Like' button!
 photo Sunday-Snaps-3rd-Nov_zpse9d70376.png

1. Joe and I at the airport ready to head off to Edinburgh. If you haven't already seen the videos from this trip you can find Vlog One HERE and Two HERE! Have a peep! / 2. Our little breakfast haven in Scotland, I think we got way too comfortable here! / 3. My designer Christmas trousers (well, Primark!), I make no apologies for these, they are cosy and warm and I like them! / 4. Our tour guide on the Ghost Walk - he was quite funny actually, despite the fact that he insisted on making me jump out of my skin right at the start of the tour. / 5. Edinburgh Castle in all its glory. What an amazing place. / 6. Pumpkin time! Did you see my post on how I decorated my pumpkins this Halloween? Check it out HERE. / 7. My 'stock' pile for the Christmas markets I have coming up! Little clay hearts - it's been like a factory here. / 8. A shameless selfie - with a pout! / 9. Gizmo eating my hair - she's obsessed I tell you!


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