8 November 2013

Loving, Needing, Meh! #20

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This week I have been LOVING:
  • Creating Christmas 'Wish Lists' online. Naughty, I know, but a girls gotta dream! I have one on the go on Amazon and on Boots - there is just no stopping me 'adding to wishlist', it's like a disease! It's not like I am actually expecting to get these things, it's just a bit of Christmas fun!
  • Horror! When we were in Edinburgh we picked up a couple of super cheap 'horror' films. Neither of them are new, but they are always on TV so late that I fall asleep as soon as they start! We got '28 Days Later' and 'The Hills Have Eyes'. Horrors are one of those genres that, if done well, are amazing, but in the case of most films, they are carbon copies of each other with slightly different scary people in them. You know what I mean... group of college students, no doubt in a camper van, get lost in the middle of nowhere, with no 'cell phone' reception (or any common sense) etc etc.
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • To actually get on with making things for my craft fairs! I sold right out of the collage Christmas cards I made last year as they were all individual and a bit different, as well as those, my robin watercolour cards flew off the stall (no pun intended...makes a change!). I have had zero time but I have no choice as my first fair is just three weeks away people.
This weeks MEH!:
  • If you read my blog regularly or look at my Facebook page (please 'Like' that btw!), you will see that we have a lovely little cat, called Gizmo, who lives somewhere round our road (but we don't actually know where), and comes to visit daily to sleep on the kitchen table on a special towel which is now hers! Well, on Halloween she went out and never came back. It was almost 7 days with no Gizmo, then suddenly, last night, there she was! So the 'Meh!' has now turned into a 'Yeah!'. We were thinking that her real family had moved or something bad had happened, when actually, if logic had kicked in, we should have realised she had just had a holiday! (She looked fatter too so clearly hasn't been outside for a week!) Happiness is restored!


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