10 November 2013

Last months favourites...

What products, health, beauty or otherwise, can't you get through the month without? Every month, over on my YouTube Channel I show you what I have been enjoying using throughout the month. Last months video was a mixture of things, as is this months, and includes a few bits and bobs I have started turning to now the weather has cooled down a bit (that is being polite - it is so cold now!)

Mostly, when talking hair, make up and beauty, my blog and YouTube channel is catering for a lower budget, using high-street products and affordable 'dupes' for higher end treats. However, in this video I am using some Liz Earle products. I always repurchase the Hot Cloth Cleanser as it is a miracle product for my skin type, but I saw an offer, and not being one to turn down a bargain, I thought it a perfect opportunity to try some other things, check out what I thought of the products in the video!

If you have tried some ridiculously amazing skincare, hair care or make up products from the high street, that you think I will like too, please get in touch! You can contact me on any of my social media (see yellow icons on the right side bar) or email me on fromlucywithlove@outlook.com! I love hearing from you guys so please get in touch.


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