7 October 2013

What I love about Autumn...

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1. The changes in colours. The contrast of the bright blue sky (which we sometimes get in October) and the vibrant red and orange leaves is phenomenal.

2. Cosy time. Whether you are wrapped up in layers and enjoying a coffee in a gorgeous cafe somewhere, or tucked up on the sofa at home, there is nothing like getting all snuggled up as the weather turns!

3. Nostalgia. Remember that feeling in your stomach when you were a child? You know the one, that magical feeling right before the build up to Christmas - when all the Halloween and Bonfire Night decorations go up in the shops and you start to feel excited? I still get that! It makes me feel all gooey inside and want to start buying glittery things and fairy lights...watch out world!

4. Food. I always love food but at this time of year you can make home made soups with chunky pieces of veg and enjoy stews that warm you right up and make your nose run! I start thinking about baking Christmas treats or spooky Halloween biscuits for the trick or treaters!

5. Hats and Gloves. I like a hat in Winter and I am on the lookout for a lovely bobble hat this year, a big, fluffy bobble in-fact. I enjoy being well wrapped up in layers, with a big, warm coat and a long, knitted scarf all topped off with a hat and some mitten gloves.

6. Pampering. This time of year makes me want to take a bit more care of myself. Moisturising hair masks, rich body creams and nourishing face serum's, all building up my body's resistance to the harsher temperatures to come.

7. Family films and Christmas specials! Am I the only one cracking out the Christmas specials in October? No? Thought not! TV wise for me it has to be the Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special - it is so realistic and really cheers me up! If I want a good Christmassy film then I turn to 'Love Actually' for a bit of romance, 'Mary Poppins' for a reminder of childhood and 'The Nativity' for a more contemporary and heart warming classic. Can't beat 'em!

8. Fun times with friends and family. It used to be a tradition to have a full on BBQ on Christmas Eve in our house. I remember, one year, my dad thought that adding fireworks to the mox would be really festive... that was the year an umbrella saved our lives...

9. Baby's first Christmas. This Autumn my bestie is having a bean!! Exciting times. I hope to be an unofficial 'Auntie'. I can't wait for baby's first Christmas.

10. Christmas magazines! You know what I am talking about! All the samples in November and December issues hypnotising you to buy buy buy me! Not to mention the sparkly things inside the pages and luxurious winter clothes with mixtures of beautiful wools and silks - so romantic...


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