14 October 2013

Top Pins!

I have a real love of Pinterest and have done since I discovered it just over a year ago. As a teenager I used to cut out everything I loved from magazines and stick them in A5 notebooks. I recently stumbled upon them during a clearout and realised then what a great idea Pinterest really is! (Not to mention a space saver!)

I like to do monthly 'Top Pins' if I can, usually themed around something I have been really enjoying looking at that specific month. Last month I did this one, on my favourite hairstyles, and earlier on in the year this one, on things for the garden, but the month of October has seen a focus on 'Home Style' type pins. A new home can really bring that out in you!  So, here they are, my top picks for this month!
 photo HomeStylePins_zps6806a4b7.png
1Lots of coloured pots on the shelves of this room add a really colourful pop and a stamp of style. Collections, such as this, that get displayed together often look really stylish, plus it is a very fast way to add a centre point to your room (providing you're not too desperate for space as these shelves take up plenty of much needed book space!) / 2. I just adore this cute little Side Table (with green painted legs) - it is really different and it would be easy to make changes to items around your house or cheap pieces from second hand stores using this technique / 3. Various glass jars and vases make up this beautiful collection.  / 4. This Bookcase (with yellow paint) is similar in idea to the side table with green painted legs - a small change to a piece of furniture can make such an impact! /  5. This patterned chair, with random cushions, is something I would really like to brighten up my lounge - I like a random piece like this to inject colour and vibrancy into a room /  6. Purple is one of my favourite colours so this Vibrant purple table with world map wall really caught my eye. The wall is a real feature, I love it! /  7. You may have noticed from my blog that I kind of like hearts! This heart throw would be ideal to add to the back of the sofa for those winter evenings when you just want to pop your pj's on and snuggle up with a good movie! / 8. I love the use of colour in this room and the way the art is hung too, it looks interesting as a whole piece as well as individual pieces. 

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